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L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal has specialized in floor sanding for three generations now. Whether it’s to renovate your house, apartment, or commercial property, we’re experts in the installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood and softwood floors.
The family business L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is the benchmark for all your floor and staircase sanding, staining, and varnishing work in Montréal, in Laval, on the North Shore, and on the South Shore.


Jatoba wood – also known as courbaril and Brazilian cherry – is one of the most popular exotic wood species due to its rich and contrasting appearance.
Jatoba wood is quite popular for its innate beauty, drawn from the subtlety of its grain combined with its natural colour, thus accentuating the rich tones of this exotic species.
Jatoba is a warm wood with character that offers a rich colour and superior hardness. With its golden sheen, this wood has a dense texture that ranges from medium to coarse, along with an interwoven grain. In addition, jatoba is a solid wood of stunning hardness that’s virtually free of knots. It’s also a very hard wood: twice as hard as sugar maple and four times as hard as cherry.
Jatoba is sought-after for its pronounced and rapid colour change, which makes it one of the species that changes the most in colour over time. Indeed, its colour will shift from yellowish-brown to salmon red to dark red with black stripes, which evolves over time to take on a deep reddish-brown shade.
It’s not for nothing that jatoba is considered an evocative and fascinating species every time!

Installation of jatoba hardwood floors by professionals

L’Artisan du Plancher is your specialist in the laying and installation of jatoba hardwood floors in Montréal, in Laval, on the South Shore, and on the North Shore.
Our team of floor layers and professional installers will install your prefinished or natural hardwood slats according to your taste. Whether you prefer a nailed jatoba hardwood floor or a glued or floating jatoba floor, we’ll know how to meet your expectations.
We’re experts in sanding and refurbishing jatoba wood floors. Contact us now to receive a wide selection, courteous service, and top-quality work at a better price than the competition!

Jatoba wood floor repairs and sanding

For all your residential renovation work, dust-free sanding, and eco-friendly, odour-free finishing of jatoba hardwood floors and staircases, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal has been the benchmark in floor sanding and finishing for over thirty years.
We have expertise related to the appropriate tools and machines to carry out your floor renovation and refurbishment work, and to apply an indoor finish and an eco-friendly finish for all tastes. We carefully sand the damaged surfaces of your jatoba wood floor, taking care not to damage the wood fibres. We also sand your floor to mask cracks or scratches, and we repair all the notches or cuts to give it back its original appearance.
L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal offers you an eco-friendly finish! You can now choose the gloss level of your jatoba floor (semi-glossy, satin, and matte) that’s best suited to your interior.

For your jatoba hardwood floor and railing work