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SPC is a material that is highly valued for its strength and high capacity to resist wear and tear. This is due to its composition of stone powder and rosin, which also makes SPC flooring a perfect flame retardant. Therefore, adopting it in your home would be an opportunity for you to benefit from a floor covering that is beneficial in terms of usage. Especially since this type of stone has no trouble blending in with the decor and can be matched to any type of interior decoration. Nevertheless, to be able to enjoy all the special features of an SPC floor, you must first try to find a qualified professional to install it. In this article, discover our tips for choosing your SPC flooring installation specialist.

All the benefits of installing an SPC floor in your home

SPC flooring is a floor covering that provides a multitude more to those who use it. These include the level of safety it offers you and its environmentally friendly nature. That’s right! SPC flooring is a floor covering that contains neither radioactive elements nor formaldehyde. This means that it will not harm the health of the planet or the human body.

SPC flooring also has a non-slip emulation wood surface due to its high-density structure. This ensures the safety of your children and the elderly in your home. The installation of an SPC floor also means that you can be sure that you are using a waterproof and at the same time fireproof floor. This is another reason why this flooring is suitable for all the rooms in your home.

Particularly lightweight, SPC flooring is ideal for buildings with more than three floors and allows for a reduction in the load-bearing capacity of these floors. Aesthetic and practical, this type of flooring is also available in a wide variety of colors. A variety of wood styles and natural printing films are available so that you can choose the simulation that best suits your requirements.

Furthermore, it should be noted that SPC flooring has a very good resistance to wear and tear. This is what makes this type of floor so special. As an indication, the ability of this floor to resist corrosion is in the material itself as well as in its wear layer. Not to mention that SPC flooring is also more than easy to maintain. All you need to clean it is a water-soaked mop for daily care.

To whom should you confide the installation of SPC flooring?

Among the number of professionals operating in the floor installation market, finding the one who will be capable of delivering a result that meets your expectations is not an easy thing to do. To avoid disappointment and unforeseen events that could affect the quality of your floor, there are a few criteria to consider when choosing your SPC flooring installation specialist.

Experience and professionalism being decisive factors in your choice calls for careful consideration. To guarantee the success of your project, it is important to take into account the level of skill and expertise of the professional installer to whom you will entrust your entire project. Do not doubt to ask for some pictures of your flooring expert’s previous achievements to ensure that the results will meet your expectations.

To better orient your choice, our Montreal store serving the North Shore, the South Shore and Laval has employees with a good sense of listening, availability and responsiveness at your disposal. Formed and experienced in the field, they will take care to offer you a floor laid according to the quality and safety rules required in the environment. Not forgetting that thanks to the intervention of a specialist in the field, your SPC floor will have a top-of-the-range and perfectly styled look. Open during business hours, our expert SPC flooring installation service will also ensure that you benefit from a profitable investment that will stand the test of time.