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Are you about to redo your interior floor? Why not adopt oiled flooring? This is a floor covering with a matte or satin finish, perfectly able to enhance raw wood floors. More natural than varnished, an oiled floor does not limit itself to the surface of the wood to highlight your interior floor. However, to benefit from all the advantages of an oiled floor, it is important to choose the right professional to install it. This is essential to guarantee both the quality and practicality of the final result.

All the benefits of an oiled floor

Before anything else, focus on the strong points of oiled parquet. Oiled flooring has a non film-forming finish in addition to allowing the raw woods to stand out. The oil, which has a much more natural appearance than varnish, protects the wood from minor surface or deep damage in everyday life. Efficient and at the same time aesthetic, oiled flooring is also very easy to install with a fairly easy maintenance system. It is up to you to choose the model that best meets your needs, particularly since a growing offer for this type of flooring is available on the market. The shades are generally very successful with a particularly natural look. Also, the oiled floor is a especially resistant floor that has an optimal lifespan.

Oiled floor: how to take good care of it ?

Contrary to what one might think, an oiled floor is no more complicated to maintain than a varnished floor. By using the right products, it only takes a few simple steps to restore your floor’s shine. The basic cleaning of an oiled floor can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a dry microfiber mop. However, you can also use a special soap for oiled floors with an extremely wrung out mop. However, water should not be used when cleaning an oiled floor as it is the number one enemy of wood.

It is therefore recommended to apply a maintenance oil on a regular basis to maintain the quality of your oiled floor. Please note that there is no set schedule or cycle to follow when cleaning your floor. Instead, this maintenance is done visually. If you see a stain or dirt on your oiled floor, clean it quickly to avoid damaging your flooring.

In a room where traffic is frequent and in footwear, it is advisable to maintain your floor with oil every three months. Furthermore, in a room where you are mostly in socks or barefoot, applying oil once a year is more than enough to maintain the shine of your oiled floor. Note that the use of a maintenance oil is very simple and does not require any particular technique. A cloth will do the trick.

Entrust the installation of an oiled floor to an expert.

That’s all you need to know about oiled flooring, now you need to find a professional installer to be sure you get a high quality floor. For you and only for you, our store located in Montreal, which serves the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, offers a qualified service. Our employees will be more specifically in charge of installing your oiled floor in the best possible conditions. According to the rules of the art and in total respect of the quality and safety standards in force. Trust our experienced service providers to make all your projects a reality.

In addition to providing, you with a team of qualified installers for the installation of your oiled floor, our store also offers floor sales services. Competent and professional teams are there to help you make all the choices you will have to make. Open during business hours, don’t hesitate to come and visit our store. Our specialists will take to heart to advise you and ensure a flawless installation of your oiled floor.