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The mouldings form the elements that we find in the interior of our houses or dwellings. Used on walls, ceilings or floors, these decorations have become essential to perfect the finishing touches of the rooms of the house. Available in a wide range of models, this type of installation adapts to all tastes and budgets. However, to be sure to get the look you want, it is best to entrust the installation of mouldings to real specialists in the field. Browse this article to learn more.

Mouldings: for what purpose are they really used?

Mouldings are elements that are as decorative as they are useful and can be found almost everywhere in the house. They can be found on ceiling corners, along walls or even hung on the frames of openings. Often conceived using plaster, wood or resin, a moulding can easily match the style of your interior decoration. Especially since you can paint it or select it in the color of your choice. So that it can easily blend into the overall decor.

Especially useful, installing mouldings in your interior rooms is also a way for you to hide possible imperfections or to protect your coverings. When placed over openings, mouldings serve to camouflage the spaces between the wall and the studs. In addition to playing a decorative role to give a real cachet to all the fittings and constructions in your home. Not to mention that mouldings also allow you to highlight the style of your rooms while giving them a customized look.

Moulding: the essentials on baseboards, quarter rounds and frames

Baseboards, quarter rounds and frames are among the most popular mouldings in the world of interior decoration. Aesthetic and practical at the same time, this type of installation requires the intervention of specialists in the field. The goal is to benefit from all the particularities of installing mouldings in your home. Just like the baseboard, which is usually made up of three elements such as the flat face, the decorative crown and the rounded quarter-round, you will have an effective decorative element to sublimate your rooms. Door and window frames have an aesthetic as well as a functional mission. And for good reason, this type of installation makes it possible to conceal the space situated between the wall and the jambs. However, in order to achieve an impeccable design with the frames, it is important to coordinate them properly or to arrange them properly.

As for quarter-rounds, you should know that these are devices installed on floors to complete the decoration of your home’s rooms. Also useful to protect the baseboards at the bottom of walls, this type of moulding deserves its place in your home. Note that this type of moulding is also very popular for its ability to hide the space between the wall and the floor in question.

Choose a specialist in moulding installation: baseboards, quarter rounds, frames, etc

As you will have understood, the installation of mouldings that will embellish your home must be confided to a true professional in the field. The goal is to enjoy a rendering that perfectly meets your expectations. To do so, it is therefore important to pay particular attention to the skills and level of expertise of your moulding installation professional. In this regard, our store in Montreal offers a high-end service at your disposal. Serving the North Shore, South Shore, and Laval, our team of flooring sales and installation experts offers you their know-how to meet your most distinguished requirements.

Experienced and attentive to your every need, our team will take care of installing your mouldings in full compliance with current safety and quality standards. Open during business hours, our in-store team is waiting for you for a service that meets all your requirements.