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Do you have a commercial property? You wish to install a floating floor? Be it for a condo, a multi-dwelling unit, a store, a gym or other, a few factors must be taken into account to make sure you choose the right floor model. In fact, it is clear that the floor you will have to install in your business will not be the same as the one you will be using in your house. Each floor has a well-defined use, which makes installing commercial flooring worthwhile. How to make the right choice and, above all, where to find a professional to install commercial flooring? The answer in this article.

Criteria for choosing a commercial floor

Concentrate on the key points that will determine the choice of your commercial flooring. The thickness of the floor is the first element to consider before laying it on the floor of your condo, bar or office. In general, thickness does not define the quality of a commercial floating floor, but if your subfloor is as even as it is uniform, you can naturally opt for thinner boards. On the other hand, if your subfloor has irregularities, it is recommended that you use thicker planks for a more aesthetic result.

The floor’s capacity to resist wear and tear is the second decisive criterion in choosing a commercial floor. The AC1 to AC5 ratings are the indices that define the resistance and longevity of floating floors. It is more specifically established by means of several tests on wear, marks, small burn and various impact effects. The higher the number, the more durable the floor will be in terms of resistance to the various impacts it will have to endure on a daily basis. Note that for a floating floor to be installed in a commercial setting, the ideal would be to opt for a floor with an AC4 rating or higher.

Not that …

To be assured of adopting the best floor for your business, you must also choose the floor that has the optimal density. MDF materials are the most famous, but HDF materials allow a higher density of the final product. This means that the fibers are more compressed, making the product stronger and more tenacious in the face of variations in pressure and humidity. Also, a product with a good density offers a more interesting level of stability.

The types of clicks are also essential criteria when choosing a commercial floor. Namely, there are different types of clicks on the flooring market. Dropclicks are the most popular because they are much more permissive compared to clicks that involve lowering the entire length of the row. Finally, always prefer the choice of a commercial floor covered by a warranty. A warranty specifically states that the floor will not delaminate or discolor. As an indication, the maximum warranty level on the market is 10 years for commercial flooring.

To whom can you trust when installing commercial flooring

Obviously, like all types of construction, the installation of a commercial floor is not to be taken lightly. Unless you want to use a floor that is unsightly, non-durable and not very resistant, it is important to find a real specialist in the field. Our store in Montreal offers you its services to meet your needs. Serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, our employees will take care to offer you a service that meets your expectations. The program: a high quality commercial flooring, perfectly long-lasting and resistant, installed by us. A way for you to enjoy a profitable investment for many years to come. Trust in the skills of our three generations of craftsmen, we will do everything possible to install your commercial flooring according to the rules of the trade. Open during business hours, our in-store service and team will also take it to heart to listen to all of your demands.