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The subfloor is a layer that plays an important role in floor construction or renovation. Providing both the strength and longevity of the covering that will be installed on the surface, the subfloor is much more important than you might think. To say that it is important to pay special attention to this layer perfectly able to offer you a high quality floor covering. And for this, you need the intervention of an expert and professional installer. Browse this article to learn more.

Utility of a subfloor

Before getting to the role of a subfloor, it is important to note that the choice of subfloor material you will install will depend as much on the type of flooring you have chosen as on the base surface on which the installation will be performed. Generally speaking, you can choose from four categories of surfaces: plywood, oriented strand board, concrete slab and plastic panels.

According to the type of flooring you wish to install in your home, choosing a sub-floor that allows you to adapt the surface and create a layer between it and the covering placed on top is an essential step. The goal is to ensure that the floor is perfectly practical and durable. In fact, during a flooring installation project, you must avoid at all costs that your floor is cold, warped or too wet. This is where the subfloor takes on its full role, since the subfloor’s material will have the job of solving and even avoiding all of these problems. Note, however, that you need to make sure you adopt the ideal subfloor material for your floor, since some materials do not mix well with each other.

In addition, subfloors are designed to create a flat surface, optimize the soundproofing of your floor and protect the base surface. The subfloor is a layer that serves other functions depending on the environment in which it is installed and the type of flooring you have chosen.

To whom should you confide the installation of your subfloor?

You will have realized that the solidity and practicality of your floor covering depends on the quality of your subfloor. In addition to choosing the right material for your subfloor, you must also take care to choose the best professional to ensure that your subfloor is installed according to the true rules of the trade. To do this, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a subfloor installation specialist.

Experience being the first factor to consider deserves a very clear focus. In fact, by avoiding choosing an installer with little experience in subfloor installation, you can be sure that your results will meet your expectations. And to fully appreciate the level of expertise of your professional, you are fully entitled to ask him/her for pictures of his/her previous work. If you are persuaded of this, you can move on to the following criteria, but if this is not the case, think of directing your choice to another professional.

The professionalism and listening ability of a professional subfloor installer are equally important. And with good reason, these are qualities that will guarantee you results that are totally in line with your needs. In addition, ideally, you should always choose a professional who offers quality services at the best price in order to successfully accomplish your projects.

Easily find your subfloor installation specialist

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