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Are you looking for a floor that is both sublime and practical in your interior? It’s time for you to switch to a prefinished floor. It is a type of flooring that stands out for its beauty and ability to blend easily into the décor. Practical, pre-varnished flooring also requires no sanding of your floor. This is the beauty of this authentic floor covering that will enhance the interior decoration of your home. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that pre-varnished flooring is a device that requires a high quality installation. The objective is to highlight the style of your interior with a floor that is impeccable and meticulously installed. It remains to be seen where to find a specialist in this field to ensure that the result meets your expectations.

Why opt for a pre-varnished floor?

More and more popular, the pre-varnished floor is a floor that offers a multitude of advantages to its followers. First of all, a pre-varnished floor is very easy to maintain. Indeed, this type of floor is without a doubt the most pleasant floor to maintain. Its particularly resistant varnish means that it does not absorb stains. To clean it, sweep and mop your floor with a broom and a mop will be enough to restore its shine. Of course, the pre-varnished floor will lose its shine as the years go by. All you have to do is polish it twice a year and you’re done.

Pre-varnished flooring is also available in a wide variety of finishes. You can choose from a pre-varnished floor that looks older, polished, waxed or even oiled. A good number of shades are also available, so you can choose from the coldest to the warmest, the lightest to the darkest. When choosing your pre-varnished floor, there are three aspects to consider: satin, matte and glossy. In all cases, this model of flooring can easily match the style of your interior decoration and correspond to all tastes and budgets.

The pre-varnished floor: a particularly resistant floor ?

In addition to these qualities, it is good to know that the prefinished floor is highly resistant to scratches. It is a fact that the greatest quality of a vitrified or pre-varnished floor is its ability to withstand the collisions of everyday life. The high strength of its varnish generally makes this type of flooring a wise choice for highly stressed rooms. In other words, the installation of a prefinished floor is recommended in rooms that are frequently visited during the day. Varnish can also protect your hardwood floor for many years to come.

Using a professional for the installation of a pre-varnished floor

Just like the other flooring models from sol¸, the pre-varnished floor requires a quality installation to enhance the design of your interior decoration. To do so, our Montreal-based store serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval offers to meet your most distinguished needs. So, do not hesitate to come and see us during our business hours to benefit from a better assistance for the realization of all your projects.

Specialists in flooring, our store has skilled employees at your disposal. They will take to heart to install your pre-varnished floor according to the rules of the art. On the program: installation in full compliance with quality and safety standards in addition to impeccable work carried out with meticulous attention to detail. In short, entrusting us with the installation of your prefinished floor is a promise of a sublime and resistant floor that will serve you for years to come. And this, in no time at all after you contact our service department.

As you can see, the installation of a prefinished floor should not be taken lightly to ensure that you will enjoy all its special features. By calling on the services of specialists in the field, you can be sure to benefit from a quality floor that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical in your home.