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Are you planning to build or renew your floor soon? Choosing a professional experienced in this field is an essential step to ensure that you get the best possible result. It is not everyone’s responsibility to master all floor installation techniques. All the more so because to guarantee the durability and solidity of your floor covering, it is important to lay it according to the rules of the trade. Among the most effective floor installation techniques, simple gluing seems to be the best option. It remains to be seen where to find the best professional to ensure that your project is a success.

Update on simple gluing flooring installation technique

Single glue-down installation is a very popular technique in the installation of engineered flooring. Simple yet practical, this action uses an adhesive that will act as a vapor barrier to ensure a smooth floor installation. But the use of certain tools such as a miter saw, jigsaw, square, tape measure, chalk line, rubber hammer, level and wooden chisel are also a great help. Not to mention the vacuum cleaner, wet rags, glue boilers, notched trowel and pencils for any touch-ups, which are also of particular importance. Please note that before installing a single-glued floor, it is necessary to verify that the subfloor complies with construction standards. Once this step has been established, the installation procedure can begin. Nothing beats the intervention of a competent professional who is familiar with all the steps to be taken. If you don’t have the right technique, you may indeed damage the quality of your future floor, or even use an unsightly and unsafe floor.

How to choose a simple gluing flooring installation specialist?

As indicated above, it is essential to use the services of professionals in this field for the proper installation of a single-glued floor. And to make sure you get the right service provider, there are a few factors to consider. An installer capable of offering you a result that meets your needs must provide you with a wide range of services. In fact, the installer must be perfectly able to assist you from the preparation of the surface to be covered to the installation of the floor in question.

Professionalism, seriousness and good experience are also important factors in ensuring the quality of your floor installation. For the simple and good reason that by opting for the services of a floor installer with little experience in the field, you risk jeopardizing the final result. By requesting the services of an expert in the installation of single-glued flooring, you are guaranteed to benefit from a top-of-the-line service.

To make sure you select the best installer, you can even request image or video previews of projects already completed by the installer. Another way to find out the level of expertise of your specialist. Also, make sure you always count on a flooring expert who is available, attentive to the slightest of your requests. This is, so to speak, a decisive factor in your choice, since your professional’s level of listening will be the basis for the realization of the project that meets your needs.

Find your floor installation professional easily with simple gluing

As you will have understood, choosing a skilled professional whose mission will be to install your floors with simple gluing is not an easy task. To make it easier for you, our Montreal-based store offers a skilled and personalized service. Serving the North Shore, South Shore and Laval, our team of flooring experts will install your floor using simple gluing according to the quality and safety standards required in the industry. But not only that, we also offer flooring sales services at your entire disposal. Open during business hours, our store opens its doors for a service that meets all of your needs.