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Do you want to renew your floor so that it doesn’t make as much noise as it used to? It’s time for you to choose the installation of an acoustic membrane. Effective and practical at the same time, this type of device allows you to take advantage of a few benefits. Notably in terms of reducing the noise produced by the movement of footsteps, chairs and objects falling on your floor. Very useful in condos or buildings, the acoustic membrane will allow you to benefit from additional comfort in your home. Of course, this is only possible if you entrust its installation to true specialists in the field. Follow us to learn more. 

Utility of the acoustic membrane

The acoustic membrane is an installation that deserves its place in a comfortable and practical home. More specifically, it is a powerful device for reducing the transmission of impact noise. These include the footsteps of the occupants, the friction of chair legs, the slightest vibrations generated by the claws of pets and others. In fact, it is recognized that noise transmission is more easily achieved by working on top of the floor than by other methods. To put it simply, the mission of the acoustic membrane is to uncouple the wood covering from the plywood to which it is nailed to rid the plywood of any kind of rigid bond. This is virtually the most effective way to cut off the vibration that generates the strong transmission of impact sound at the source.

An acoustic membrane to be installed under a floor

As you will have understood, the addition of an acoustic membrane under a floor allows you to maximize the efficiency of soundproofing the premises at a fairly low cost. However, to be sure to use a practical device, you must make sure that the membrane in question is neither too thick nor too soft. This is essential to avoid diminishing its ability to suppress impact noise. Therefore, the choice of a thin and relatively firm membrane should be made.

Moreover, to deal with the noise emission of a wood floor, the use of double gluing is especially recommended. This is a technique that consists of gluing the acoustic membrane to the floor before covering it with another floor thickness. Note that for the success of this process, it is important to consider the performance by taking into account the mechanical factors of the floor covering and the acoustic performance.

However, it is also possible to improve the soundproofing of your floor against airborne noise. These include voices, TV sound, barking and more. To do this, a 1.5″ concrete screed over the wood floor is the recommended option. Particularly common in new condominiums, this practice calls for the installation of an acoustic membrane capable of creating a vapor barrier layer between the plywood and the previously constructed concrete screed. The water generated by the concrete will not be absorbed by the wood of the floor and the concrete will be able to harden under the best humidity conditions.

An acoustic membrane can also be raised slightly vertically along the walls to create a watertight pool on the floor of your home. Preventing contact between the floor covering and the actual structure of your walls, this technique is also indicated to decrease the propagation of impact noise to the structure of the entire building.

Choose a craftsman skilled in the installation of acoustic membranes

For all your acoustic membrane installation projects in your rooms, our store in Montreal provides you with a service to meet your needs. Experienced and at the same time competent in the field of noise treatment using an acoustic membrane, our service department serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval ensures quality work in total respect of the standards in effect. Open during business hours, do not doubt to come and visit us for a little chat with our band of experts. In particular, in all matters related to the acoustic membrane, which is essential for soundproofing your floors.