Floor Sanding in Montréal

Hardwood floor sanding is a family affair at L’Artisan du Plancher. The art of sanding floors, staircases, and railings has been passed down for three generations in this 100%-Québécois company that serves the Greater Montréal area. We offer every sanding-related service so that your hardwood or softwood floors can regain their shine: floor staining and varnishing, floor oiling, floor finishing, floor sanding…

For 10 years, floor sanding methods have evolved in Montréal, and that’s all for the better! Floor sanding can be done faster, so it’s less expensive. But the major revolution in the sanding industry has been dust-free floor sanding! L’Artisan du Plancher has kept up with this new technology to remain the undisputed benchmark as a master sander in Montréal and Laval, on the North Shore and the South Shore, and passing through Lanaudière and the Laurentians.

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Floor and staircase staining
Boucherville, South Shore (Montréal)
When I enter my home now, I come in and say 'Wow, I love it!'
Floor sanding and finishing
Montréal, Plateau-Mont-Royal
When it comes to the quality of the service and the final quality of the product, it’s excellent!

Dust-Free Floor Sanding

Carrying out floor sanding without leaving even the slightest trace of dust is possible! Portable suction units were invented in the late 2010s and connected to the electric sanders, which made it possible to eliminate 99.98% of the dust during the sanding work.

The benefits of this new dust-free sanding technology are considerable! No need to cover the furniture, no more dust or wood odours, higher-quality sanding (no dust particles get in the way during the floor finishing), 100% safe for people suffering from allergies or asthma, and no more big dust cleanup after the work.

From the first moments, L’Artisan du Plancher has hastened to acquire this new floor sanding equipment that delights their customers!

Eco-Friendly Floor Sanding

With natural wood floor oils (for oiled floors and staircases), the floor sanding industry also contributes to the respect for the environment. You should know that the use of natural construction materials is recommended not to harm the health of the occupants of a house and that L’Artisan du Plancher is sensitive to health concerns. They always choose to work with non-toxic products. Thanks to eco-friendly floor sanding, the air inside your home will remain clean during and after the renovations or repairs of your floors.

For the health and well-being of your family and to combat the adverse effects of our lifestyles on our planet, we recommend taking your choice of floor finish seriously.

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Floor Sanding and Finishing: Inseparable!

After sanding a floor, the finish is a crucial step, since that’s what will give the work its final aesthetic appearance and determine the level of protection of the floor. The master sanders at L’Artisan du Plancher offer you outstanding know-how as well as all the current techniques and options, such as varnished floors, oiled floors, and stain for floors. Of course, all these methods also apply to the finishing of staircases and railings.

You should also know that L’Artisan du Plancher takes the necessary time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various floor finishes to their customers and advises them on the best solution for their own floor, which allows the owners of the premises to make an informed decision.

Floor Laying and Installation

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Sometimes, floor sanding isn’t the ideal solution for the repair or renovation of your flooring, especially if it’s damaged or if you simply want to install it in another room that doesn’t have it. Know that L’Artisan du Plancher also excels in this field, where we’re highly recognized in the Laval and Montréal area. Our expertise as floor layers has even led us to create our own quality standards as well as a floor installation guide that we let our customers consult freely so they can admire our professionalism.

The Successful Sanding of Your Floors

The success of the sanding and finishing of your floors necessarily depends on your choice of master sander. For this, several selection criteria are essential: