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If you are considering installing a new hardwood floor, then choosing the type of floor best suited to your space is an important step in your flooring installation planning. Even more when it comes to hardwood floors, because your options are varied. In the hardwood flooring market, dozens of styles of wood essence are offered, ranging from maple to pine, oak and walnut, each with its pros and cons.

With its light and varied tone, hickory flooring is renowned for its durability, dynamic shade and rustic, aged appearance. Now becoming more and more popular, hickory floors will probably be your best choice and hickory wood will be able to meet your flooring needs and preferences.

Why choose a Hickory hardwood floor?

When looking for the best flooring option for your home, it is important to understand that durability and strength are essential. If you need an extremely durable wood that will last for years despite daily use, hickory hardwood floors are a great choice for you.

Hickory floors offer color variations ranging from dark brown to creamy white, with delicate brown lines. It is true that a hickory floor will look great in any home !

The Hickory wood from North America is an extremely hard wood with a Janka index of 1820. This makes it extremely resistant to daily wear and ideal for active homes. Indeed, the hickory floor is durable and is perfect for your well-attended floors. The hickory floor is the hardest kind of popular floor that can be found in a local North American production.

Hickory floor features

In addition, hickory wood is 41% harder than red oak wood, which is the most used wood in the manufacture of hardwood floors, making it an excellent choice for use in all rooms, but especially in busy rooms such as the entrance or the kitchen. A family room is another great place to install hickory floors. Moreover, if you have more than one child or pets, the extremely durable hickory floor can withstand any type of abuse while keeping its beauty.

This beautiful wood floor made of hickory is considered one of the hardest, stiffest, denseest and shock-resistant woods, making it an ideal floor choice. Indeed, the hickory wood floor is often used for wooden flooring because of its resistance to wear and its durable character.

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