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Herringbone flooring is the option offered to all those who wish to bring an original touch to their house. These designs dress up your floors to give them a classic antique yet trendy style. Everywhere in your rooms, a herringbone floor will give dynamism and personality to an interior decoration that looks as modern as it does traditional. And this, only thanks to the beautiful oblique angles of this one which will not leave indifferent neither the glance nor the attention of your guests. However, it must be acknowledged: to benefit from all the peculiarities of this type of floor, it is important to choose the right professional who will take care of the realization of your projects. How to proceed? Discover the answer in this article.

What is herringbone flooring?

Before anything else, concentrate on what a herringbone floor really is. It is more mainly a floor made with planks arranged in horizontal V-shaped lines that meet to form a straight line. The single pattern is achieved, among other things, by laying the floorboards so that they form a 90° angle at their respective ends. The width as well as the length will vary according to your preferences. Your home’s parquet floor will then be made up of a number of series of two strips of parquet flooring forming a rafter.

Herringbone flooring also allows for the creation of patterns created by sets of two or three herringbones. This model is specially qualified as double or triple rafter. For the type of flooring called “French herringbone”, the floorboards will be laid at an angle of 45 or 30 degrees. You will then see a continuous gap between the different series for maximum style. In addition to its dynamic aspect, the herringbone flooring has many benefits that will seduce you.

Herringbone flooring: a multi-faceted floor covering

Herringbone flooring is a floor covering that is found in many historical buildings. It has been around for a very long time and will not go out of fashion in the years to come. The fact is that the herringbone pattern is more and more in demand by consumers. The popularity of this type of flooring is growing at international furniture fairs, in leading design magazines and on well-known online platforms, and the demand for this type of flooring continues to increase. Authentic, herringbone flooring can also be used to enhance a large room, as you can see in the sumptuous halls of some castles, in various museums or galleries. Especially since the chevron floor has long been applied for the embellishment of smaller homes, where it has proven its worth.

Which professional for a impeccable installation of a herringbone floor?

It is obvious that a herringbone floor is a covering that requires perfect mastery in this area. Indeed, the final result is based entirely on the arrangement of the different floorboards for a most unique elegance. To ensure that your expectations are met, our Montreal-based store offers you top-of-the-line services. Serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, our employees are close to you to better meet your expectations.

Calling on our herringbone floor installation service will be for you the promise of a job well done, according to the rules of the trade. Note that our service providers will be attentive to the slightest of your requests, while offering you the opportunity to enjoy an elegant floor that is both durable and resistant. As a guarantee of our know-how, our professional team will also take care to respect the safety and quality standards in force in the field. A way for us to assure the realization of all your projects and much more. Open during business hours, our team is waiting for you to provide a service that meets your requirements.