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Sanding for hardwood staircases

Our sanders in Montréal, Laval, and the South Shore will tell you that all hardwood staircases –whether they’re stained, varnished, oiled, or lacquered – add a certain level of class, sophistication, and beauty to the decor in your house. However, when the steps are old, worn-out, slippery, or dangerous, repairing and sanding them lets you give them the burst of radiance necessary to restore an enchanting decor.

When should you sand a staircase?

Sanding and repairing your hardwood staircase can be a much less costly alternative than replacing it, and the results are incredible and breathtaking, as if you had installed a brand-new staircase. A hardwood staircase is generally subjected to serious pressure due to the numerous comings and goings between the different levels. The protective layer slowly but surely disappears due to intensive use. The solution is to sand your hardwood staircase before the varnish gives way to bare wood. Carrying out hardwood staircase sanding is a collection of tasks that only an experienced company such as L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, supported by its master sanders, is able to accomplish before the protective layer totally disappears.

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Repair before sanding your staircase

Sanding and restoring the stepsof a hardwood staircase– along with the risers and false stringers – involves a certain number of manual operations.

Before sanding your hardwood staircase, specialists must repair your wooden steps, determine the type and extent of the problem, then begin the repair process. Sanding your hardwood staircase creates particles that remain suspended in the air. We know the nuisance that this dust causes to your well-being. Some people with allergies react badly to wood dust. Rest assured, we have a solution to spare you from almost all the dust: L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal offers you dust-free hardwood staircase sanding service! Thanks to our innovative system and our efforts, you’ll no longer be inconvenienced.

Sanding a hardwood staircase is the option that many homeowners prefer when it comes to extending the lifespan of their staircase. Once the renovation of your stairs is complete, you can decorate the stairwell as you see fit!

Finishing a hardwood staircase: staining and varnishing

Once your hardwood staircase has been sanded, it can be stained in the desired colour or simply varnished, lacquered, or oiled: several options are available to you. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal will support you in your choice by helping you find the finish or design that will please you.

Give your hardwood staircase a makeover

The shape of a staircase lets you play around with reliefs. The colour of a stain makes it possible to highlight the staircase in its entirety or only some of its elements. When it comes to staining, we recommend choosing a bright and warm stain if the staircase doesn’t get much light. Otherwise, choose more neutral tones.

Your hardwood floor is a type of flooring that’s as timeless as it is durable. If it’s properly cared for, this kind of floor can last a lifetime!

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