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  • Varnished floor maintenance

    How to Clean and Preserve Your Varnished Floor Our extensive experience in the field of wood flooring has showed us that many people ignore the methods for caring for a varnished floor. At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, we believe that each of our clients should have access to a maintenance guide that helps them preserve their renovated floor for as

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  • Oiled floor maintenance

    How to Clean and Care for Your Oiled Floor Properly Caring for an oiled floor must be done according to certain rules that are outlined below. To preserve the surface of your floor for many years, it’s important to use the right products. Degreasers must be avoided. In any event, water should be used sparingly. You should never spread a large

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  • Oiled floor long term maintenance

    Follow our tips to preserve the beauty of your floor Add a layer of oil to maintain an oiled floor How Do You Care for an Oiled Floor in the Long Term? Partially Restore the Floor Oil When you have an oiled floor, you have to keep it in good condition. In the medium or long term, when your oiled wood

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