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As the years go by, it is common for your hardwood floor to encounter some difficulties. This may be due to heavy traffic, common household accidents and general wear and tear. Between stains, warping and dulling, there are indeed many problems that a hardwood floor must face. However, once you notice that your hardwood floor is starting to wear out, it is essential to renovate it. The goal is to restore it to its original shine without having to remove or replace it entirely. But who can you trust to renovate your hardwood flooring flawlessly? The answer in this article.

Hardwood flooring: when to renovate?

According to your personal desires, you may or may not choose to recover your old hardwood floor. In most cases, it is possible to proceed with varnishing your hardwood floor, replacing certain boards and repairing it. The fact is that these actions will go a long way to making wonderful things happen to your old floor. As long as you are not looking for a brand new floor, or simply if you are having trouble separating from your original floor, a floor renovation is the option available to you. This is especially recommended when you notice that your hardwood floor has lost its luster.

Signs that a hardwood floor renovation is necessary

In general, a hardwood floor is an investment that can last for a good ten years or more. However, your floor may not last as long because of the problems it faces on a daily basis. This form of wear and tear is often indicated by indisputable signs and requires that your hardwood floor be restored to its original shape or directly replaced.

Note that some older floors may be unrecoverable. In this case, replacing your hardwood floor is the best solution. It is particularly recommended if you notice extreme movement between the boards of your floor. Planks that move too much will not allow you to simply re-varnish your floor since the movement will seriously affect your ability to sand and varnish them.

Major structural problems can also be viewed as warning signs that your hardwood floor is about to be replaced. This factor is mainly an indication that the old floor must be removed to repair the basement just below it. Also, an over-sanding of your hardwood floor shows that you need to change your floor covering in the coming days. Note that this sign manifests itself more specifically by a reduction in the density of the wood on which you can work, the appearance of nails and the collapse of both the tongue and groove of your hardwood floor.

Hardwood floor renovation: who can you trust?

It is clear that doing your own hardwood floor renovation work is not very easy. Even less so when it comes to seeking out a professional in the field. To make things easier for you, our Montreal-based store serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval regions offers you qualified services to meet your most distinguished expectations. To satisfy the slightest of your requirements and to ensure that your hardwood flooring is renovated in a manner worthy of the name, our staff is at your disposal. Skilled and experienced, they will take care of the renovation of your hardwood floor in no time at all. They will demonstrate their professionalism and will be attentive to all your requirements. Our employees are also perfectly capable of advising you and accompanying you on all the decisions you will have to make. Don’t wait any longer, our store opens its doors to you for a quality service that meets your needs.