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Floor sanding that’s a cut above

Sanding a floor involves a series of actions carefully performed by master sanders. This requires a certain dexterity in addition to years of practice in this business. Workers must have enough experience that the quality of the floor sanding surpasses industry standards.

Hardwood floor sanding is the most important step in restoring your floor and giving it back its original shine. If your floor has become worn out over the years, it’s necessary to subject it to sanding and then carrying out staining and/or varnishing on it. Sanding a floor made of hardwood slats or parquet is a very complex task. That’s why we recommend trusting this job to experienced sanders. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is a specialist in the field of dust-free hardwood floor sanding.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal mobilizes a team of master sanders to carry out projects of any size, such as sanding your wood floors and staircases. The hiring of staff at l’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is done with great care. Employees are trained and then supervised in order to offer the best possible sanding service.

Dust-free hardwood floor sanding is done in five steps, according to the rules of the trade. The secret of our master sanders’ success when it comes to floor sanding lies in the passion that drives them.

The first step is to thoroughly wash your floor before beginning the sanding. The second step involves repairing the floor where it has been damaged, if necessary. The third step is to carry out the floor sanding with our dust-free floor sanding system. This system can completely sand your floor in a short period of time without setting a single speck of dust loose into the atmosphere. Then, the fourth step involves sanding the edges and corners of the room. Finally, in the fifth step, a coat of primer is applied to your perfectly sanded floor – and maybe stain, if you so decide – followed by two additional coats of the finish of your choice. The finishing step is very important, since the stain and the varnish give a new look back to the wood floor that was worn out and/or damaged before.

Sablage de plancher à Bois-des-Filion

Floor sanding to remove the glue from your floor and rediscover your wood flooring

Can floor standing restore a floor covered with glue or tar? Yes, it’s possible! It’s often the case that, when removing a carpet or linoleum, traces of glue have damaged the floor. Floor sanding gives your floor back its original splendour. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its experienced master sanders know the traditional methods that will cut through all that undesirable glue on your beautiful flooring. Thanks to their expertise and their floor sanding services, you’ll rediscover the authenticity of the original wooden slats and your floor will regain its former beauty.

Benefit from an exclusive dust-free floor sanding system

Our dust-free sanding system is unique in Québec, and it’s one of the most effective systems ever designed to date.

We want to respect your living space, as evidenced by our willingness to use the very best in terms of equipment.

The dust generated by our sanding operations is discharged into a fixed and/or portable sealed container, which ensures that undesirable particles are safely trapped. In addition to the Bona Atomic Trailers DCS system mounted on our trailer, we’re equipped with the portable Bona Atomic PDC to serve you better.

Our team of master sanders carries out dust-free sanding that goes beyond the highest demands of the industry. You’ll thus have the pleasure of discovering a fast, clean, and hygienic method. Some of our customers can testify to that fact: they observed a clear improvement in air quality after our departure.

That’s not just a feeling; it’s a fact that’s primarily explained by two phenomena. Firstly, sanding wood floors and staircases helps improve the quality of your flooring, and their vitrification gives them a clean look that contributes to the purity of the ambient air. Secondly, the change in oxygen caused by our dust-free sanding process removes the suspended molecules and makes room for cleaner air.

Your home will therefore be able to breathe again thanks to a healthier, cleaner atmosphere. In addition, it’s a revolutionary technique: this dust-free floor sanding method lets you level the grain of the wood and achieve a flawless finish.

As our services can last from a few hours to several days, the professionals at l’Artisan du Plancher Montréal clean the surface on which they worked at the end of each day and perform a final cleaning at the end of the whole project.

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