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Among the existing options, repairing a hardwood floor is an eco-friendly solution, since by preserving the same material, we reduce our consumption. Hardwood flooring is therefore a sustainable, ecological, and responsible alternative. In addition, you can maintain your flooring for a very long time if you freshen it up from time to time. Floor renovation is therefore an important step that shouldn’t be neglected if you want to preserve the quality of your flooring. Furthermore, an oil finish helps reduce your impact on the environment even more!

Floor sanding is the first step before beginning the repair of a prefinished, varnished, oiled, floating, or lacquered hardwood floor. To do this, you’ll need the services of a specialized contractor, such as L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders. There are many factors that require the repair of your floor, such as: oxidation caused by water (damage), unusually high traffic in one or more specific areas, grooves caused by moving furniture or household appliances around, the abrasive effect of moving chairs back and forth, or an accident. Of course, there are a few tricks for temporarily hiding the scratches. Indeed, furniture or improper use can attack the wood.

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Hardwood floor sanding and repair in Montréal and Laval

Wood floor sanding and repair bring together the process that will transform your old floors. The floors are repaired – or restored – by following these steps: preparation, sanding, colouring (if necessary), and coating. Understanding these steps will help you fully grasp everything that’s involved when you want to repair your wood floors and give them back their original charm.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its workers, who specialize in wood floor repair, carry out floorboard insertions according to industry standards. Indeed, the secret to performing a remarkable repair is to work with the existing floor! By following the original design, the wooden slats merge with each other and blend in harmoniously with the rest of the floor. Glued and nailed, the repaired wood floor will be even stronger than a brand-new floor. Of course, the slats will be slightly thicker than the original floor, so you’ll just have to sand them in the place that’s been repaired to adjust the level. Once the floor has been varnished, you’ll be speechless in front of the final result! In the case of a raw floor, you’ll need to sand and varnish it on the spot.

Steps to follow:

Step 1 – Preparing the hardwood floor

The preparation for restoring a wood floor is the main point of any hardwood floor repair project. Before starting, you must ensure that the room is totally empty. Check for any debris that could affect the sanding process. The wood floor is then inspected to make sure that all the nails have been fully driven in and that the floor doesn’t contain any worn or damaged boards. A worn or damaged floor will need to be replaced before the start of the sanding to obtain an optimal result.

Step 2 – Sanding the hardwood floor

Firstly, sanding is crucial when repairing your wood floor. Sanding aims to strip the wood of its coating and its impurities. It also helps improve the quality of your floor. Sanding leaves a smooth finish so that the vitrification step is easier to carry out.

Secondly, the change in oxygen caused by our dust-free sanding process removes the molecules in suspension and makes way for cleaner air.

For dust-free floor sanding, L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders start with a sanding machine that will remove the existing finish. Our company specializes in dust-free floor sanding. In fact, this gives you a pleasant experience by minimizing the disturbances caused by the work.

Step 3 – Colouring the hardwood floor

After your floor has been repaired and sanded, you can choose to stain the surface of your floor, which will bring a warm atmosphere to your décor. Indeed, the stain brings out the grain of the wood and gives it a character that magnifies the space that it occupies. As a result, choosing a good stain advisor is a crucial step in the restoration of your floors. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders have selected the best stains in the entire industry to offer you a quality choice.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is one of the few contractors to have developed such comprehensive expertise. This expertise is within your reach! You can contact our professionals now for a free estimate.

Step 4 – Coating the floor

It’s sometimes difficult to choose the best coating to protect your wood floor. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal strives to offer you the best products. That’s why we’ve identified the manufacturers that produce the most powerful coatings in the entire industry. Here, you’ll find trusted suppliers that meet the highest standards in varnish production. For each product, we’ve also carefully sorted the retailers that will assist you in finding the varnish that best meets your needs.

A varnished floor adds value to your property. As dust-free floor sanding specialists, we believe that you deserve top-quality varnishes. Our honesty towards our customers has contributed to our current position as an industry leader. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our courteous and professional staff will be happy to guide you in your project.

Our success is based on three key factors:

  • consistent quality
  • efficiency
  • communication

Each member of our team is selected according to three specific criteria. Friendliness, respect, and expertise are prerequisites for working with us.

Lastly, our greatest strength is our turnkey philosophy. Upon our arrival on the premises, your peace of mind is our only concern. Each step of your project is carried out according to the strictest industry standards. You don’t have to touch a thing; we take care of everything.