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The choice of flooring can sometimes be complex for owners with a construction or renovation project in Quebec. If you have opted for wooden or imitation wood flooring, you have come to the right place here. As a flooring supplier in Saint-Francois, we offer a variety of flooring options for you to choose from. Therefore, you will certainly find the one you need. A specialist will guide you in your choice. L’Artisan du Plancher also offers a bespoke flooring installation service.

Flooring Specialists and Flooring Suppliers in Saint-François


How To Choose Your Floor from The Best Flooring Suppliers in Saint-François?

At our place, you have the choice between several types of parquet: solid wood, engineered wood, SPC vinyl, laminate, floating, etc. If the color and appearance of the board are very obvious selection criteria, other parameters must be taken into account.

The solid parquet

Made up of solid wood slats that fit together using a system of tongues and grooves, solid parquet is undoubtedly one of the oldest floor coverings. Timeless, its natural appearance continues to attract fans in Quebec – and all over the world as well. At first glance, it may seem expensive but it is an excellent long-term investment since it is very resistant, easy to maintain, and durable. The most important thing is to choose the right species of wood according to the desired color, grain, and hardness. If oak is very popular, cherry, maple and walnut are equally effective.

Engineered parquet

This type of floor consists of 3 layers:

  • The counterbalance that lies below two other layers. It ensures the stability of the floor as a whole.
  • The fiberboard or blockboard that is installed in the middle. It is made of more economical but very stable wood.
  • The facing or the wear layer made of noble wood such as oak or exotic wood of at least 2.5 mm. High-end engineered floors even have a wear layer of up to 7 mm to withstand sanding as much as possible.

In appearance, it is very difficult to tell the difference between solid parquet and engineered parquet. But the latter stands out for its greater stability.

Laminate flooring

Unlike the two types of flooring mentioned above, the laminate, laminate, or floating floor does not have the regulatory wood layer of at least 2.5 mm but rather a layer made of post-consumer materials. Its blades clip together thanks to a glue-free assembly system. To reproduce the appearance of a wooden floor, resistant imitation paper is laid just below the resin wear layer which ensures the robustness of the floor. Its biggest advantage: is the large choice of patterns and colors. It is also the least expensive of the floors. Its price varies between $1.75 and $3.50 per square foot.

The engineered floor

Increasingly popular, engineered wood flooring consists of different layers of wood that are glued together. It is equipped with a wear layer for an aesthetic look and better resistance to various attacks such as scratches and humidity. It is even able to withstand temperature fluctuations, which is why it is particularly suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors. The CLIC-engineered floor is practically identical but it has a click-locking system.

SPC vinyl flooring

The SPC vinyl plank is a modern synthetic product that can imitate different forms of flooring: tiles, marble, ceramics, and of course wooden parquet. It allows you to choose the colors and patterns you want for your flooring. Resistant and easy to maintain, the SPC is also an economical solution.

Flooring Specialists and Flooring Suppliers in Saint-François


A floor installation service from professional Flooring Suppliers in Saint-François

If the quality of the floor itself is of great importance, the success of the installation is just as important. It is therefore recommended to call on an expert to have an aesthetic and durable floor covering. Flooring suppliers in Saint-François will take care of laying your planks according to the rules. It is a solution that allows you to save time and have a rendering of professional quality.

Find the Perfect Flooring in Saint-Francois with L’Artisan du Plancher

In conclusion, choosing flooring for a construction or renovation project in Quebec can be complex, but as a flooring supplier in Saint-Francois, we offer a wide range of options including solid wood, engineered wood, SPC vinyl, laminate and floating flooring. Our specialist will guide you through the process and help you choose the perfect flooring for your project.

Additionally, L’Artisan du Plancher also offers a bespoke flooring installation service to ensure your flooring is installed to the highest standard. With so many options available and expert guidance, you can be sure to find the perfect flooring for your project.