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Installing a wooden floor in your home is a great investment for homeowners. Wood floors increase the property’s resale value and provide a stylish and modern interior. However, to be able to have positive results following the installation work, it is essential to follow some essential criteria. Discover the best flooring specialist in Vimont for sales and installation if you plan to build or renovate your home in Vimont or look for a qualified flooring contractor.

The right choice of parquet type and a professional installation are the keys to the success of such a renovation or construction project. In order to help you achieve your vision, here are some tips and guides that will give you a minimum of knowledge in the field.

Flooring Specialist in Vimont: Sales and Installation

How to Select the Best Floor?

To be able to find the perfect wood floor for you, it is essential to consider a few factors. Beyond the aesthetic criteria (colors, widths…), other technical elements are also considerable.
The wood species is an important criterion in your choice. It is the criterion that will define the texture, hardness, durability and appearance of your future floor. North American wood species are currently the most popular on the market.

Red Oak

Red oak, also known as “champion oak”, is the most common tree in North America. It’s with a Janka hardness scale of 1290. Red oak wood is a well-known species in the hardwood industry and is one of the leaders in its category. Northern red oak has a very warm and comforting color. However, this species can have a wide color variation in its pattern. It gives a versatile look to your home, office or any other living space.

In terms of texture, red oak is more open and coarse than its white oak counterpart. It has a very porous surface, which can even look like tiny holes when viewed in its raw, unfinished appearance.

White oak has a hardness of 1360 on the Janka scale. It also comes in various colors, ranging from light to medium tan to grayish to medium brown. Over time, the color of white oak takes on a slight amber tone. Price-wise, white oak floors are a bit more expensive than the red version.


Increasingly used by Canadians in any living space, maple is a hard, medium-heavy wood. This characteristic allows it to be appreciated in daily use. In addition, maple is prized for its light, creamy color, smooth grain and impressive durability.

There are dozens of species of maple trees in the world. The most common species among American woodworkers is the hard maple. You can also call it sugar maple or rock maple. Sugar maple grows abundantly in Vermont and throughout the northern United States and Canada. It is also the source of maple sap, the only ingredient in pure maple syrup.

Silver Maple is a soft wood, unlike sugar maple species which is hard. Silver maple has a color ranging from white to reddish brown. With a generally straight grain and multiple knots, silver maple has a natural, modern appearance. It comes with a hardness of 960 on the Janka scale.

Yellow Birch

Yellow birch flooring is a softer wood species than some others. However, you’d be hard pressed to find another wood species with such graceful grain and color. This wood species has a very special charm. It is popular because of its natural color variation from board to board. Moreover, it has lower prices than sugar maple and oak. Because of the grain and unique tones, many homeowners like to use birch in larger planks. Birch flooring darkens with age to a deep reddish brown color.

The colors distinguish the yellow birch and the white version. On the other hand, the white birch is characterized by its hues ranging from pinkish yellow to pinkish brown. The whole is accompanied by a very fine grain that is close to maple. With a hardness of 1260 on the Janka scale, yellow birch is a little more expensive than white birch.


Flooring Specialist in Vimont: Sales and Installation


Working with an Expert in the Field

In every procedure of the realization of your project, from the choice of the best floors to the installation, we strongly recommend calling a professional flooring specialist in Vimont. Contrary to popular belief, installing a floor requires a great deal of skill and the use of specific tools.

It is, therefore, a shame to invest in high quality flooring without complementing the quality with a professional installation. Do not hesitate to trust our expertise and flooring specialist in Vimont for all those who have a renovation or installation project in the Vimont area.

Our sales and installation staff will feel happy to advise you on choosing your wood floors among the collections available in our stores. On the other hand, our team of competent technicians, experts in the installation of all types of wood floors, will be happy to carry out the installation work in your living space with care.