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Wood flooring is a timeless floor covering that has left its mark on the history of interior design. For many years, wood has been a valuable material for man in his daily life, used to make hunting tools and means of survival. It was therefore natural to use this noble material for the floors of houses. If you are looking for a wood floor for your home, visit our store for the sales of flooring on Saint-Vincent-de-Paul to discover our wide selection of wood flooring.

Later, the installation of parquet flooring on the floors of the Palace of Versailles started a trend that was not about to stop. Since then, wood flooring has become the most popular flooring in households worldwide. L’Artisan du Plancher is the expert in floor installation and flooring sales in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. Here’s how to go about making your selection of your future wood floor.

Flooring Sales in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Expert in the Installation of Wood Flooring


Focus on Quality Wood Species

If you want a floor that is amply durable and can bring character to your interior, it will be essential to bet on a quality floor. To do this, be sure to focus on the type of wood species used and the hardness of the latter in the design of your future wood floor. Here are some options that can perfectly match any interior style:

White Oak

White oak is a domestic wood species. It is similar to red oak but harder on the Janka hardness scale with a rating of 1360 (red oak is at 1290). Its natural colour ranges from golden/brown with gray undertones.
Due to its harder grain, white oak flooring takes on the colours of stains very evenly. White oak floors generally have a moderate linear grain with moderate colour variations and exceptional stability.

In addition, white oak is a premium option due to its higher price. This is due to its higher hardness. Homes in prestigious areas of the country, such as Westmount, Town of Mount Royal, and Cote St. Luc, proudly display white oak as flooring.


Hickory wood flooring is the hardest floor covering in North America, with a Janka hardness factor of 1820. Hickory’s hardness makes it an excellent option for households with a large number of residents.

In addition to its hardness, wood is famous for its soft grain. It is more visible than maple but less intense than oak. Hickory wood is very durable. It is one of the most popular floors for families looking for quality wood flooring.
The heartwood of hickory flooring is reddish brown with dark brown streaks. On the other hand, the sapwood tends toward a creamy white with pinkish tones and a thin brown line.

The sapwood is a light golden colour, and the heartwood is dark brown. It is very similar in colour to ash. Hickory is the hardest species in North America and is an excellent option for hardness conscious consumers.

Black Walnut

Black walnut is one of the most valuable and unique hardwood species. It has rich glossy brown heartwood with a uniformly textured grain pattern like maple and poplar.

One of the qualities of black walnut wood is its natural resistance to decay and insects. Black walnut wood generally demands a higher price due to the increased demand and decreased supply in the market.


Flooring Sales in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Expert in the Installation of Wood Flooring


Hiring an Expert Installer

No matter what type of flooring you choose, hiring an expert installation service is essential if you want to enjoy a professional and satisfying finish. With many years of experience in the wood flooring business and flooring sales in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, we offer our customers a store with multiple flooring collections.

Buyers are guaranteed to find the wood flooring that best suits their needs, expectations, and the interior decor of their living space. And for complete and optimal support, we also offer an installation service. Qualified and have the essential equipment for the realization of work, to trust us is to ensure the quality of its future ground.