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Are you about to build or renovate your building in Laval-sur-le-lac? Know that the choice and installation of the floor is an essential step in carrying out all your projects. By adopting a floor covering such as a parquet, you will have a modern and robust floor. L’Artisan du Plancher provides flooring sales in Laval-sur-le-lac, featuring a wide range of parquet flooring options. In our store, discover a wide collection of high-quality wood and wood-look parquets. Note that to make things easier for you, we can also handle the installation of your flooring in the Laval area..

Flooring Sales in Laval-sur-le-lac and Installation Experts


Opt For High-Quality Floors in Laval-sur-le-lac

The floor is an essential element of the construction or renovation of a building. This makes it imperative to bet on floors of considerable quality. In our store, we put a wide range of floor models at your disposal. Both aesthetic and practical, they deserve attention. Especially since we offer floors of all kinds of colors and sizes to meet all your requirements. Resulting from great expertise, our floors will certainly meet all your needs in terms of appearance, waterproofing, durability, cost, and above all, safety. To better guide your choice, we can even advise you while considering your preferences in terms of color and shade, your type of residence, your means, and many more.


A Wooden Floor: Ideal for A High-Performance Parquet Floor

Wood seems to be the material par excellence for all the work you will undertake in Laval-sur-le-lac. It is a very common element in the context of traditional housing, wooden and solid wood frame constructions, etc. Regardless of the method of construction and type, the advantages of wooden flooring are perfectly noticeable. It generally has the advantage of incredible structural lightness since it is not subject to any addition of heavy loads on the load-bearing walls. A wooden floor demonstrates easy handling and quick and clean installation with relatively limited tools. Also, this type of floor has low energy loss and can be used within a minute of installation. In short,


What Category of Wooden Floor Should You Bet On from Flooring Sales in Laval-sur-le-lac?

There are two types of wooden floors to choose from according to your desires and tastes. The floor with joints for load-bearing structures remain visible. In particular, it can be made of solid wood for a rustic look and glued laminated wood for a more contemporary look. A false ceiling doubles the floor with non-visible joists. It can then be made of laminated wood beams or composite I-beams. Remember that this type of floor can also accommodate thermal or acoustic insulation systems and allow access to service ducts. The third type of floor, the mixed wood-concrete floor, also responds to specific new projects or renovations on an existing floor.


A Wooden Floor for All Levels of The House

You can install the wooden floor at all levels of your home in Laval-sur-le-lac. Such as on the ground floor on a low floor, such as a high basement floor or a floor over the crawl space. It also has its place as much on concrete walls and plots as above a cellar. A wooden floor can also be used as an upper or intermediate floor on a new or existing structure. You can reinforce or replace it. In the case of contemporary housing, you can lay a wooden floor on a roof terrace. It is an effective alternative to the concrete slab due to its lightness and ease of implementation.


Flooring Sales in Laval-sur-le-lac and Installation Experts

Installing Your Floor in Laval-Sur-Le-Lac

In addition to providing quality floors from flooring sales in Laval-sur-le-lac, our team also offers professional flooring installation services in Laval-sur-le-lac. Trust us; we will pledge our experience to you to complete projects that meet your expectations. Our collaborators will ensure that you have a properly installed floor according to the rules of the art without the shadow of an error.