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A Parquet is a wooden floor covering – natural or imitation – which gives a beautifully warm appearance to a house. We offer high-end floors to the residents of Laval-Est, in the Laval region of southern Quebec. You have the choice of the type of wood or the synthetic material used for the manufacture of the floor according to the result, you want to obtain. In any case, the durability of your floor will be a safe bet. We also offer a custom-made floor installation service and the best flooring sales in Laval-East.

Flooring Sales in Laval- East and Professional Floor Installation

A Selection of Quality Flooring in Laval-East

In our selection, you will find different types of top-quality parquet. Our goal is to offer you a floor covering that is aesthetic, easy to maintain, and durable. Everything, therefore, depends only on your preferences and the style you want to give to your rooms. Each design from our flooring sales in Laval-East is the result of safe and cutting-edge expertise. To help you better choose your wood flooring in Laval-Est, discover the types of flooring available in our store as well as their respective characteristics.

The Solid Wood Floor

Made of a single piece of solid wood of the species of your choice. However, this type of parquet is extracted from the trunk of a tree which is then cut and shaped to form planks. Solid parquet is very popular with homeowners thanks to its versatility. Indeed, it adapts easily to all interior decorations. In addition, you can choose the wood species you need according to the color and grain you prefer. For example, solid walnut wood is dark brown while solid oak wood is golden.

Engineered Wood Flooring

It is a solid wood parquet cut in its thickness before being glued on an element of greater stability. In this way, it tolerates humidity and high heat well. Its top layer or wear layer is formed of a solid floorboard. Our designers have carefully calculated the thickness of this layer on the surface of the engineered hardwood floor. Therefore, it withstands aggressions such as scratches, cleaning products, etc.

CLIC-Engineered Wood Flooring

Very trendy at the moment, the CLIC-engineered wood floor is considered a technical floor. It has a system allowing the tongues and grooves to lock together. The tongues and grooves then form a tight joint with a very aesthetic appearance: smooth and seamless. The biggest advantage of click-lock engineered flooring is that its assembly does not require glue. It does not require glue or nails. It is also usually less expensive to purchase than slat and groove flooring. Its installation is faster and less expensive since it is installed like a floating floor. Just lay it on a cork or foam underlay. It is also strong and easy to maintain.

The Floating Floor

Floating flooring, also known as laminate flooring or laminate flooring, is a floor covering that is similar to hardwood but rather consists of wood fibres. In other words, it’s a thin fiberboard covered in an image of wood. Its wear layer is transparent to give a smooth, modern, and easy-to-clean finish. In addition, it is resistant to wear, stains, and even UV rays which tend to discolor the wood. In our professional flooring sales in Laval-East, laminate flooring is available in different widths, lengths, and thicknesses.

The SPC Floor

The SPC or constructions floor surface is a versatile non-foaming parquet that offers excellent value for money. In appearance, it looks a lot like natural wood parquet, but it is a 100% waterproof synthetic material. It is therefore perfectly suited to rooms that are often exposed to humidity, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. According to experts, SPC will soon replace vinyl planks. It must be admitted that it is as robust as it is versatile and aesthetic. However, its installation requires the intervention of a professional.


Custom floor installation

Our company also offers a custom floor installation service. We understand that each customer has unique needs and preferences when it comes to flooring. That’s why we offer custom installation to fit all shapes and sizes of rooms. We work closely with each customer to ensure their new flooring perfectly meets their needs and lifestyle.


Floor maintenance and repair

In addition to floor installation, we also offer maintenance and repair services for existing flooring. We can perform minor repairs, such as replacing damaged boards or planks, as well as maintenance to maintain the appearance and durability of your flooring. We can also perform sanding and finishing operations to renovate the appearance of your existing flooring.


Sales assistance

Our team is also available to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home. We can provide flooring samples to help you make an informed decision and give you advice on the best option for your budget and needs. We can also give you advice on how to take care of your new flooring to prolong its lifespan.

Flooring Sales in Laval- East and Professional Floor Installation


Your Expert Floor Installer in Laval-East

Whatever type of parquet you choose, it is always recommended to call on a flooring expert to have an impeccable result. We would like to tell you that the quality of the rendering and the longevity of the floor covering greatly depend on it. Our team is made up of qualified and experienced floor installers. L’Artisan du Plancher can therefore provide you with a professional for the installation of your parquet floor in Laval-Est.