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A professional floor installation is always different from a do-it-yourself installation. Moreover, the floor is a very important element in enhancing your interior. It is the same for the choice of the floor that is going to install. Indeed, it is important to choose the right floor for your home. For the best selection of flooring sales and solid hardwood, engineered wood, and wood substitutes in Dorval call our experienced professionals today.

Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to select certified professionals residing in Dorval to whom you will entrust such work (the estimate, the choice, and the installation). All this to avoid having invested in something you won’t even be satisfied with!

Flooring Sale in Dorval

Wood Flooring: Solid Hardwood, Engineered Wood, and Wood Substitutes

Hardwood flooring is a classic option for many homeowners. Solid hardwood comes in fewer varieties than engineered wood and is more expensive, but its durability over time makes it a better value in the long run. Engineered hardwood has many of the same characteristics as solid planks, but it’s less expensive than solid woods and easier to install because less finishing work is required. Laminate is another type of solid-looking hardwood flooring with many options. The newest version even looks like stone tile!

Real wood flooring is more likely to provide the look and feel you want from your home. Solid hardwood looks real and is made from one solid piece of wood that’s milled from trees. Engineered wood can also offer a variety of styles and comes either as a plank board or as veneer. Be sure to do your research and ask questions about each type of floor before buying it for your home.

Make the right choice of floor covering

Making the right flooring choice is crucial. The necessary elements to take into account are your budget, the interior decoration of the room (where the new floor is going to install), and finally, the ease of maintenance of the latter after its installation. Make the right choice of selection in flooring sales in Dorval and entrust floor installation to professional installers in Dorval. Call 514 232 3465 for more info.

The choice of your floor depends primarily on your budget. Since there are many types of flooring on the market (hardwood, vinyl, engineered wood, etc.), choose the one that will suit your budget. Ask for an estimate to find out the exact cost of installing your floor. An estimate should normally be free.

Next parameter: the design of your interior. Always take this detail into account because the floor is the element that adds more value to your interior than any other detail. Therefore, it is important that the floor’s design matches your interior’s style.

To make things easier, don’t hesitate to outline the result you hope to achieve with a specialist. A true flooring specialist should be able to suggest the ideal floor. Flooring sales in Dorval offer all types of floor and installation at reasonable pricing.

Finally, maintenance is an essential factor. Some floors don’t require too much daily maintenance. Just a swipe with a mop is enough to keep the floor intact and clean for a whole week. At the same time, other floors require some special attention concerning scratches and stains, etc. You can save yourself extra daily chores by choosing a floor that is not too difficult to maintain. It is essential to know that floor maintenance and durability have close linkage and are sometimes even interdependent.

Entrust floor installation to professional installers in Dorval

Flooring installation requires good knowledge and experience in the field. If you want to get a perfect final result, you should consider using a certified installer. If you decide to do the installation yourself, some visual defects, such as dents, could appear at any time. The comfort and aesthetics of your interior as well as your safety, will be immediately affected.

It is also important to keep in mind that the floor will be subjected to several permanent and variable loads. Therefore, you should not underestimate its installation. Since the installation of a new floor is a long-term investment, you need to ensure that it goes smoothly. For this, you need experienced installers.

Our expert Dorval floor installation technicians have years of experience and have undergone extensive training. They understand the work involved, and your safety and home safety are in good hands with our technicians.


Flooring Sale in Dorval

L’Artisan du Plancher: Our flooring company serves the people of Dorval

Our company staff contains experienced flooring specialists. We have many years of experience in the installation of the floors we sell. We offer a free estimate to Dorval residents. Our technicians are fully capable of performing all types of installations for all types of floors.

The floor is the first thing you notice in a house. This is why the choice and installation of the floor are so important. Our company will ensure your satisfaction through high quality services. Moreover, we put different types and ranges of floors at your disposal from the best collections of the major brands. We are close to you, and we are attentive to your needs and desires regarding flooring in Dorval.