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The Nature of Hybrid Floor Varnishes  

Hybrid floor varnishes constitute a completely separate category. They’re usually distinguished from water-based – or latex – varnishes in two different ways: they have a slightly amber colour and they contain a water-soluble oil. This earns them their name of modified, water-soluble oil-based varnishes. The resin in the hybrid varnish is chemically modified and contains a portion of oil in its molecular composition. However, don’t worry, since the oil contained in this product isn’t toxic. From an environmental perspective,hybrid varnishes are similar to water-based vitrifying coatings. They’re generally prized by people who want to give a touch of amber colour to their wood floor. They’re somewhat reminiscent of the appearance of oil-based varnishes, but with a lighter shade and without the downsides associated with the smell. As explained in this video, it’s rather a question of style that will influence the choice of a hybrid or water-based varnish. On the other hand, unlike water-based vitrifying coatings, they’re more capricious during their application. It’s therefore preferable to rely on the services of a hardwood floor sanding and varnishing professional to make sure you’re getting a beautiful varnished floor finish. 


How to Choose the Right Floor Varnish 

Choosing the best hybrid varnish should be done based on the manufacturer. Select a brand name that has a good reputation, because if the product is defective, a recognized varnish manufacturer will more easily honour their warranty. You should also choose a varnish retailer that offers high-quality customer service to facilitate communication between you and the producer. Some will even take care of the entire process. 

The price of a hybrid varnish is comparable from one product to the next. That’s why we recommend those that contain a urethane resin, which is more resistant to wear. A hybrid varnish retails for about the same price as a latex varnishthat contains an acrylic resin. Sometimes, for the same price, it’s more beneficial to use a hybrid varnish. 

Is Hybrid Varnish Eco-Friendly? 

Hybrid varnish is eco-friendly in the same way that a latex varnish is. Their application doesn’t require the wearing of a mask, because both types of varnish use water as a solvent, but the composition of the hybrid resin is different. Hybrid varnishes exceedthe law on volatile organic compounds. They release an odour comparable to latex paint, and their low VOC content (around 225 g VOC/litre according to the manufacturer) makes it an excellent environmental choice. Forget the painstaking chore of wrapping up each food item individually and leaving the house for days. Beautiful and eco-friendly, hybrid varnishes are safe for the environment. You can stay inside your home and peacefully go about your business while we carry out the floor sanding in your house. With L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you benefit from impeccable varnishing service thanks to our renowned master sanders. By entrusting your work to our company specializing in floor sanding, you’ll have guaranteed peace of mind. Take advantage of our free and personalized online quote. 


The Properties of Hybrid Floor Varnishes 

Hybrid varnish is a modified water-soluble oil-based varnish. It consists of a resin – also called a “binder” or polymer – and a solvent, which is used to keep the resin in a liquid state. In a hybrid varnish, water plays the role of the solvent. This minimizes the adverse health effects during its evaporation. The resin is found in different forms depending on the choice of manufacturer. Here are the three types of resin that we’ve identified: urethane, polyurethane, and uralkyd. We recommend hybrid varnish that contains water-soluble oil-modified urethane. Urethane resin is considered more durable than polyurethane and uralkyd resin. It should be noted that the addition of oil to the varnish gives it a golden colour. Furthermore, it also plays a role in the stability of the product. If you want additional information on varnish composition,contact usor check out the following link: 

Unlike Crystal varnishes, hybrid varnishes have properties to preserve their colour for a long time. Your wood floors will therefore stay the same colour for several years. Hybrid varnishes are available in big box stores and at specialty retailers. You can find them in different finishes: glossy, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. For more information, check out our table of the advantages anddisadvantages of hybrid varnishes.