Have you been seized by a desire to change colours, or does your new decor not match the current colour of your floors? It’s now possible to create the composition of your choice, no matter what colour you have in mind.

Thanks to the know-how and expertise acquired over 3 generations in sanding and finishing residential floors, L’Artisan du Plancher can give the desired look to all your already-finished wood flooring, throughout the greater Montréal area.

Choosing a professional-quality stain

One of the decisive factors in successful staining is unquestionably choosing the right floor stain, followed by the correct method for applying the stain to the wood. It’s therefore crucial to always prepare the wood well before applying the desired stain colour. It should also be noted that proper moistening with water will ensure that the stain takes hold better.

Increasingly popular, the current market offers a wide range of stains and finishes for floors, with water or oil-based solvents. Once you’ve made your decision, we recommend asking a floor finishing expert for advice to make the right choices.

Our advisors, who specialize in stained wood floors, will listen to you and respond promptly to even your most specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask our experts for advice and to get an estimate for your floor staining jobs.

An authentic stained floor that looks great

If you want to transform your hardwood flooring, do business with L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal to give your floor a unique and distinct character that will enhance the beauty of your interior.

Over the years, our experts have learned to apply floor stain with care by taking the unique properties of each species of wood into account to find the formula that blends in best with its natural colour.

Our team of experienced artisans will take good care of your flooring, lightly sanding it before applying the wood primer. For a lasting finish and a glossy shine, we apply oil-based stains, which are more resistant and easier to maintain.

To protect the stain better and give more resistance and shine to your floors, we apply a transparent finish after the stain has completely dried.

Consult our floor finishing specialists to get your free quote!