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Wood floors

The material of choice on the North Shore

Renovating a wood floor: floor sanding on the North Shore

On Montréal’s North Shore, many bungalow-type houses are fitted with hardwood floors to create a warm atmosphere and to benefit from an increased aesthetic value. It’s also a choice that stands the test of time, since you can give a lot of life back to a wood floor. In short, it’s a product that has a multitude of undeniable advantages when it comes to interior design.

Even though hardwood gives your house an unparalleled look, you have to understand all the same that it can be a fickle material: there are many species of wood and different products, which makes each floor unique. Renovating a floor or a staircase is a tedious job that demands not only the proper equipment, but also a lot of effort. A single mistake can ruin the whole surface you’ve been working on for hours. To achieve great results without wasting your precious time, it’s smarter to leave your sanding and finishing projects to the experts who serve Montréal’s North Shore.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal offers you support service in carrying out your floor sanding work right up until the finish. In addition, our specialists advise you on how to maintain your floors before, during, and after the work, both for hardwood and softwood.

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Complete dust-free renovation of your floors or staircases on the North Shore

Our company specializes in the field of dust-free sanding of all types of flooring: unfinished, hardwood, floating, engineered, prefinished, stained, oiled, or varnished floors. We also carry out repairs and renovations of wood staircases: sanding, staining, and varnishing steps, risers, and railings. Staircases demand even more precision and attention to detail than floors, since there are often more details to consider. Our workers are specially trained to carry out special woodworking tasks to restore your staircases to their original splendour.

Our high-level equipment allows us to perform flawless dust-free sanding work that meets your expectations. Backed by over thirty years of experience, we guarantee you a professional result. Thanks to our technological devices and our safe products, you can now even remain on the premises during renovations. You can check out all the services we offer by clicking here.

An authentic and ecological wood floor: perfect for North Shore residents!

When the specialized team at L’Artisan du Plancher restores floors or staircases, they do so in such a way as to minimize their ecological footprint.

Therefore, to ensure a sustainable and responsible finish, we favour non-toxic, odour-free varnishing products that are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). To do this, Bona brand water-based varnishes deliver optimal performance: you just have to choose the gloss level you want to have so that your floor completely regains its authenticity!

Much like the varnish, the oil-based finish is another very eco-friendly alternative. As a 100% plant-based product, the oil is totally natural and can give your floor a matte finish as well as a more rustic look. This lets you enjoy a completely natural floor without toxic fumes.

If you live on the North Shore and want to have a strong, versatile, elegant, affordable, and environmentally friendly floor while benefiting from personalized service, ask for a free online quote today. This online estimate will be drawn up in under 24 hours.