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L’Artisan du Plancher: Your Expert for Floor Sanding in Saint-Marthe-du-Cap

L’Artisan du Plancher is the reference wood flooring company in Quebec. If you are looking for a service provider for high-quality floor sanding in Saint-Marthe-du-Cap, call us. With 30 years of experience in sanding, finishing and installing wood floors, we will help you get the wood floors of your dreams. Whether you want to refinish your existing hardwood floors or install new ones, let L’Artisan du Plancher make your project happen!

L'Artisan du Plancher: Your Expert for Floor Sanding in Saint-Marthe-Du-Cap


Our Company Is Very Professional and Customer Satisfaction Is a Priority

When you hire us, you will see that our wood floor installation and sanding company is truly loyal to quality work. We use the latest equipment and quality products to satisfy our customers.

They not only give great hardwood floor sanding in the surrounding locations, but they also emit far less dust than others in the business. Any real wood floor will benefit from our sanding treatment. It will enhance strength, boost safety, and restore the appearance of your floor to the day it was la. We are the only squad in the region that utilizes industrial-quality polyurethane that may last 40 years or more with typical wear and tear!

In the end, you will see that a beautiful wood floor will add value to your home. In addition, from the beginning to the end of our service, we offer the best advice to our customers. Our hands-on approach confirms that our customers feel 100% satisfaction with our work. You can read testimonials from our pleased customers on our website.


Call on L’Artisan du Plancher for Floor Sanding in Saint-Marthe-Du-Cap

Solid and softwood floors are beautiful and contemporary. They are durable, easy to clean, provide thermal insulation and can add value to your home. However, installing this type of flooring is an investment. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you place your project in the hands of knowledgeable professionals.

At L’Artisan du Plancher in Saint-Marthe-du-Cap, we know that it is our attention to detail that makes the difference in the finish of the job and in our reputation. Our know-how and professionalism allow us to undertake projects of all sizes and complexities.

You can trust our expert and qualified craftsmen who always do their best to install beautiful and durable floors. To this end, we only use machines, equipment and techniques that ensure that we will do the most meticulous work efficiently. Also, we will not damage the floor of your home.

On the other hand, it is important to know that choosing the right parquet or wooden floor can sometimes be tricky. The reason is that this choice requires facts about the different types of wood. To make your life easier, our professionals can assist you in choosing the most appropriate option. L’Artisan du Plancher will help you choose from a wide range of wood floor covering options. You can also make special orders for floor sanding in Saint-Marthe-du-Cap, as we care about making your dream floors a reality.


We Are the Best in Wood Floor Sanding in Saint-Marthe-Du-Cap

Is your wood floor worn out? Indeed, it is possible that over time this covering is a victim of scratches or stains. However, don’t replace it right away! Let us examine it first. We could save you a lot of money by professionally sanding and refinishing it. Quality wood floors can be vigorously sanded several times before they need to be reinstalled.

Our craftsmen are experts in sanding and buffing your wood floors. In addition, we can repair and refinish your wood floors and stairs. Moreover, you can be sure that L’Artisan du Plancher has the equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

Usually, sanding wood floors is a procedure that is generally quite noisy and dusty. However, our state-of-the-art sanders keep noise and dust to a minimum.


Your Floor sanding Expert in Sainte-Marthe-du-Cap


Saint-Marthe-du-Cap Sector Profile

Prior to January 1, 2002, Sainte-Marthe-du-Cap was a Quebec town of 6,192 inhabitants. Following the 2002 Quebec municipal reorganizations, it was one of the 6 sectors of the large city of Trois-Rivières. It was named after Saint Martha, the sister of Mary Magdalene.

This sector has several places of interest that testify to its rich heritage. Among them is :

  • The Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine which was built in 1714
  • The Boréalis which is the History Center of the paper industry
  • The Saint-James Anglican Church whose history goes back to 1693
  • The old Trois-Rivières prison built between 1819 and 1822.
  • Also, the Boucher de Niverville Manor was built in 1729.


Contact L’Artisan du Plancher to Start Floor Sanding in Saint-Marthe-Du-Cap

Are you ready to start floor sanding in Saint-Marthe-Du-Cap? Then, whether it’s for your next wood floor installation, sanding, and refinishing, call us at 514 232-3465 and let us surprise you. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a free, no-obligation quote by e-mail or by using our contact form.