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Are you planning to sand your floor in Quebec? This is an essential step to repair your flooring that has been worn out over time. Useful and practical, floor sanding is an effective option for the quick renovation of your home. More specifically, floor sanding in Quebec is an artisanal technique designed to clean and refinish both your floors and your wood surfaces. However, to successfully sand your floor in Quebec, it is important to consider three main factors. But which ones? The answer in this article.

Prepare the floor well before sanding

The first step in a successful Quebec floor sanding project is to clean the baseboards with a crowbar. Delicate and at the same time important, floor sanding is a work to be done calmly without the shadow of a rush. To do so, start by removing the baseboard situated at the end of the corner formed by the junction of your walls. Using a knife with a retractable blade, you need to slightly peel the top of the baseboard off the wall and then insert the blade behind it. The goal is to separate the baseboard from the glue that would result in its adhesion to the wall.

Once this has been done, you need to take a spatula to insert it into the space left free by the insertion of the knife. Continue by using a second spatula that you will insert in exactly the same place, this time at a 45-degree angle. Then insert the crowbar between the two spatulas before applying pressure to completely remove the baseboard from the wall. Note that this gesture must be repeated until all the baseboards on the perimeter of the wall are all removed. Also, before sanding your floor, remove all nails and staples from the floor surface.

Sequence of a floor sanding session in Quebec

According to the professional you choose to sand your floor in Quebec, the techniques used will not be the same. But in principle, the first official step in sanding is done with a belt sander equipped with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper. However, you can always use a coarser paper if the floor is very abraded. In order to achieve high quality work, you must also be careful to always sand in the direction of the wood grain and avoid staying too much in one place with the sander. This will dig into the wood and make its condition worse. Once this step has been set, the sanding process can start. Remember that depending on the desired finish, you will need to change the grain paper for each layer of your floor to perfect the result. Finally, once the sanding is done, all you have to do is vacuum to remove any dust remaining before applying oil or varnish for a flawless refinishing of your floor in Quebec.

After floor sanding work in Quebec After floor sanding work in Quebec

It is brought to your attention that to have the guarantee of a floor sanding in Quebec performed in due form, it is necessary to never walk on the treated surface until 6 or 8 hours after the last finishing coat. Before putting the furniture back in its place, you must also wait a minimum of 24 hours to make sure that the varnish is completely dry. It is also important to always place the furniture on the floor and avoid sliding it. During the first week, be sure to pay special attention to your new floor to give the finish time to harden. Also, it is essential to wait 30 days before putting back carpets, rugs or even before washing your floor. And last but not least, don’t forget to ask for a quote for sanding your floor in Quebec for a job done in accordance with the various rules governing the industry.