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Residential floor sanding in Pointe-Claire

Why call on the services of L’Artisan du Plancher Montreal for floor sanding in Pointe-Claire?

As more than 70% of the residents of the borough of Pointe-Claire own their homes. Therefore, they use the services of floor sanding specialists such as l’Artisan de Plancher Montreal. They are famous and intervene in Pointe-Claire regularly. Our team of professional master sanders is best for floor repair, staining, varnishing and floor sanding in Pointe-Claire. We also offer finishing and laying of floors (hardwood floors, softwood floors, floating floors, flooring or marquetry. Additionally, we provide sanding of wooden stairs or stair treads (maple, cherry, oak, bamboo, exotic wood and etc).


Residential floor sanding in Pointe-Claire


Restore your floors with dust-free floor sanding in Pointe-Claire

L’Artisan du Plancher Montreal offers the “Floor Restoration” service. Our forward-thinking company is a pioneer in dust-free floor sanding.  We offer you the best value for money for the restoration of softwood or hardwood slats. Our expert knows the workings of the trade and do the best job. No more unbearable odors from crystal varnishes. We offer you high-performance water-based varnishes. An odorless and dust-free restoration of wooden slats or parquetry. Refurbishing your floor will give you a pleasant experience.


Sanding wooden steps and stair railings

Generally built on several levels, owners of homes in Pointe-Claire would like to rediscover all the charm of their staircases of yesteryear. Therefore, if you want to give them a new look, modernize them. So, they are more up-to-date or regain their former glory. Ultimately, we have a wide range of solutions to offer you! The l’Artisan du Plancher Montréal team and its master sanders now offer Pointe-Claire homeowners the “sanding of wooden steps and stair railings” service. At one time, craftsmen carried out their work by hand. Today, a range of special equipment is available to us. But sanding and finishing a staircase is an art. Therefore, it requires expertise.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders believe that your stairs, finishing and sanding should be done by hand. We want your successful project. So, you will enjoy it for many years. Few companies can offer you a complete sandblasting service.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its master sanders are the envy of our competitors. Because we can distinguish ourselves, by our desire to collaborate with seasoned experts such as master sanders, professional staircase varnishes, cabinetmakers, lacquer painters, colorists. A complete team of professionals is at your service! Contact us for a free quote, without obligation, without contract and pressure.


Sanding wooden steps and stair railings


Leave it to our experts

Specialist in the floor for years, l’Artisan du Plancher Montreal accompanies you for the installation. Moreover, we also provide renovation of your floors, stairs and stair railings.

L’Artisan du Plancher Montreal operates in the borough of Pointe-Claire for the floor installation and maintenance. Our team of experts guarantee you a quality service as soon as possible.

To learn more about l’Artisan du Plancher Montreal in the borough of Pointe-Claire, do not hesitate. Contact us, for more information on our services and benefits for your floors, or to request a free quote online.


Our warranty policy

Our policy guarantees you complete satisfaction. Consequently, it ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the work we will do for you. Therefore, choosing l’Artisan du Plancher Montreal means choosing expertise and quality.


Profile of the Borough of Pointe-Claire

The borough of Pointe-Claire is present in the southwestern part of the island of Montreal. It is on the territory of 19.1 km2 bordering Lake Saint-Louis. Pointe-Claire is characterized by a relatively homogeneous population, primarily English-speaking, bilingual and landowners. Their income and education are all above average. However, the average household income is $60,277, almost 50% higher than in Montreal. Therefore, like most former suburban towns, Pointe-Claire is home to a high proportion of families. It has 72% of households, compared to 60% in Montreal. However, you can get remarkable services of floor sanding in Pointe-Claire.

Although, more than 70% of Pointe-Claire residents own their houses or apartments. However, the homeownership rate is almost double that of Montreal. Homes for sale are less on the market, and prices are rising visibly. Most of the residential area extends on either side of Highway 20. In addition, they include many waterfront properties. Furthermore, there are also various accommodations: single-family homes, apartments, residences, townhouses and condominiums. The number of residents is 30,790.

The borough has few resources to deal with the sanitation aspect of dwellings. Since most homes are several years old and need renovations.

Pointe-Claire shares its borders with four boroughs, as to its:
– southwest, with Beaconsfield – Baie-D’Urfé
– northwest, with Kirkland
– north, with Dollard-des Ormeaux – Roxboro
– east, with Dorval – L’Île-Dorval

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