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Laval floor sanding: wood, a treasured material

Wood floors (hardwood or softwood) provide a warm feel and increase the value of a house. That’s why many homeowners in the city of Laval have opted to install wood floors in their homes. Unlike carpeting, wood accentuates the cachet of your property while avoiding the inconveniences of the allergens present in carpets. It’s therefore a safe, smart, and eco-friendly choice for your health and that of your family. In addition, thanks to floor sanding, it’s possible to give life back to a wood floor that has been well maintained.

Hardwood is a really interesting alternative for every homeowner, since it’s an eco-friendly material. A tree in the forest, in its natural habitat, stores the CO2 present in the atmosphere, and when it’s cut down, the wood fibres retain this CO2 load. It’s therefore a material that has a very low environmental impact, as opposed to flooring derived from petrochemicals in a factory that produces greenhouse gas emissions.

Wood floors should be sanded as soon as the varnish layer starts to deteriorate. Otherwise, when the varnish gets too worn out, the wood becomes vulnerable. Once the wood is uncovered, it can come into contact with a substance that could form an irreversible stain, such as water. It is therefore very important to sand the floor before it gets to that point to avoid damaging the floor!

Sablage de plancher à Laval

Looking for a floor sanding professional in Laval?

The sanders who work with L’Artisan du Plancher are trained to carry out installation, repair, sanding, and finishing work on wood floors. Our team of specialists frequently travels to Laval as well as the rest of Montréal’s North Shore to respond to the needs of our residential customers.

Our expertise in wood flooring allows us to guarantee complete satisfaction with the results achieved. We help you renovate your floor from beginning to end. All the steps must be properly followed, since the necessary preparation before beginning the work is as important as maintaining the floor once the work has been completed. Thanks to our sound advice and our good work, your floor will shine!

Floor repair: our services in Laval

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal uses top-of-the-line equipment that lets us carry out dust-free floor sanding projects. We are very proud to use this cutting-edge technology to meet the high expectations of Laval residents. When it comes to varnishing floors, we use the most eco-friendly products on the market in the aim of maintaining your health and promoting a healthy environment. As an alternative to varnish, we also offer oiling services for your wood flooring, an all-natural solution involving vegetable oils. L’Artisan du Plancher is a true trusted partner in carrying out your floor renovation and sanding projects in Laval and the greater metropolitan area, in addition to offering excellent value for your money.

Our services are available to help you renovate a floor, staircase, or railing:

  • · installation
  • · repair
  • · sanding
  • · staining
  • · finishing
  • · varnishing
  • · oiling

Woodworking: a trade and a passion!

The sanders at L’Artisan du Plancher work with passion to bring you high-quality results. Every customer we’ve served can attest to the love that we’ve had for the wood flooring trade for three generations. Our customers can see that our work is close to our hearts because that fact is reflected in the work that we accomplish. You can check out many of our projects by clicking here.

To get more information about floor sanding, we invite you to contact us or to request a free online quote.

At L’Artisan du Plancher, we value the customer’s respect and satisfaction above all!