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Residential floor sanding in Laval

Floor restoring and floor sanding in Laval is a must for l’Artisan du Plancher. Indeed, the large territory of Laval is now a priority for the growth of our family company. We are masters in wood floors (hardwood or softwood). Parquet floors give a warm character and increase the value of a house. Therefore, several owners of Laval city choose the installation of wood floors in their residences. Unlike carpet, wood accentuates the character of your property.

In addition, the parquet protects you against the allergenic particles present in the carpet. So, it is a safe, eco-friendly, and smart choice for you and your family’s health. Moreover, thanks to the sanding of floors, it is possible to give several lives and maintain a wooden floor.

Floor Sanding in Laval in a Few Simple Steps

You can watch this video by Martin Beaupré of Équipements St-Vallier. It will clearly show you the different steps of sanding hardwood floors and the tools to use.

Hardwood represents an interesting solution for all homeowners. In addition, wood is an eco-responsible material. A tree in the forest, in its natural habitat, stores the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. When cut, the fibers of the wood retain this carbon dioxide charge. Thus, it is a material that has a very low environmental impact. However, it is also different from floor coverings that are derived from petrochemicals in factories, and which produce greenhouse gas emissions.

You must sand the wood floors as soon as the varnish layer begins to degrade. Otherwise, when the varnish is too worn, the wood becomes vulnerable. When the wood gets exposed, it can meet a substance that could form an irreversible stain. For example, this is the case with water or animal urine. Consequently, it is very important to carry out the sanding before reaching this stage so as not to damage the floor!


How To Find a Contractor for floor sanding in Laval?

Write on Google: Floor sanding in Laval
You will then find L’Artisan du Plancher.

We are close to Laval Island. If your wood floor has faded and its finish has cracked in places, just contact us. Do you want to undertake renovations to give your parquet a second life or change its appearance? We have been at your service for three generations.

How To Find a Contractor for Floor Sanding in Laval?

There are several ideas for creating the floor of your dreams. However, undertaking the restoration of a wood floor requires a lot of money and time. Sanding hardwood floors that meet the highest quality standards requires skill and in-depth knowledge of wood species and finishes. Furthermore, it will also ensure optimal results and long life for your floors.

Whether it’s minor repairs or major transformations, it’s up to you. Choose the right contractor to entrust your work to enjoy a beautiful, solid floor that will last for many years.

Here, in a few steps, are our tips for finding the right floor sanding professional:

Find A Competent Contractor for The Renovation of Your Floors in Laval

Find A Competent Contractor for The Renovation of Your Floors in Laval

Have you shopped on the internet and in the phone book? You can find probably tons of floor sanding contractors in your area. Now you need to choose the professional resource you need. It seems inevitable to go through the verification of one’s skills and qualifications.

When you call or meet with a contractor, don’t forget to check, if he is professional and if he holds an RBQ permit. Do not hesitate to search on the internet or with the Régie des Bâtiments. Check if he has any complaints in his file and validates the information you have. It is also important for you to check the insurance issue with him before starting the work.


Find a reputable flooring contractor in the Laval

Find a reputable flooring contractor in the Laval

If the contractor you choose has been recommended by relatives, it will be easier for you to trust him and explain your expectations. However, the most competent way to choose the best floor sanding contractor is to consult their portfolio and see their achievements. Ask him for some references from past clients. It is possible to contact them and hear their testimonies about their services.


Choose Quality Floor Varnish Products for Floor Sanding in Laval

Choose Quality Floor Varnish Products for Floor Sanding in Laval

It is essential to know if this contractor is capable of your project. His years of experience in the field and the quality of the equipment and products he uses are very important. Do know about the best products for your hardwood floor, which will give it a durable finish that is more resistant to abrasion, while protecting your health and well-being. Do not hesitate to ask him all your questions and ask for all the information you deem relevant.


Follow The Sanding and Varnishing Steps for Your Renovation

 Follow The Sanding and Varnishing Steps for Your Renovation

For the repair of your hardwood floor in the best conditions, it is essential to know the steps of sanding and to prepare accordingly.

First, you must know the processes and products used and the duration that each step will take according to your needs. Ask if you are required to leave your home, move your furniture, and protect your food. However, conventional sanding can cause multiple inconveniences like dust. The use of toxic products can also harm your health.


Opt For Services of Turnkey Sanding and Floor Sanding in Laval

Opt For Services of Turnkey Sandblasting and Floor Sanding in Laval

To achieve the decor of your dreams and enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors, treat your wood flooring with care. To refurbish the wood, missing or damaged boards may need replacement. The maintenance of your hardwood floor is important to be able to enjoy a durable floor. Therefore, you must entrust your projects to a competent and certified contractor. A company that is competent in dust-free sanding will meet all your needs.

For this, the master sander l’Artisan du Plancher will accompany you in the renovation of your floor, from start to finish. Don’t forget that the preparation necessary before the start of the work is as important as the maintenance of the floor.

Thanks to our team of true specialists in the installation, repair, dust-free sanding, and finishing of wood floors. With our sound advice and our good work, your floor will be radiant!

Our craftsmen travel frequently to Laval as well as throughout the North Shore of Montreal. To better meet the needs of our residential customers, ask us for a free estimate for any home floor restoration project.

Floor Repair Service in Laval

L’Artisan du Plancher in Montreal uses high-end equipment to perform dust-free floor sanding work. We are very proud to use this latest technology to meet the high expectations of Laval residents. As for the varnishing of the floors, we use the most ecological products in the market. In short, our goal is to preserve your health and promote a healthy environment. Furthermore, as an alternative to varnish, we also offer the oiling of your wooden floor. In addition, it is a completely natural solution that is carried out with vegetable oils. L’Artisan du Plancher is a truly reliable partner for carrying out your renovation projects and floor sanding in Laval. We also serve the greater metropolitan area. Moreover, we offer excellent value for money per square foot.

Our services are at your disposal to renovate a floor, a staircase, or a ramp:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Sanding
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing
  • Opening
  • Oiling

Woodworking: A Profession, A Passion!

The floor sanders at l’Artisan du Plancher work with passion to deliver top-quality results. Each client we serve can see the love we have for the craftsmanship of wood flooring. More precisely, this love has lasted for three generations. Our customers notice that we care about our profession because our work shows it. You can consult several of our achievements by clicking here.

Finally, for more information on floor sanding in Laval, we invite you to contact us. You can request a free quote online.

At L’Artisan du Plancher, we value respect and customer satisfaction above all else!

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