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Are your renovations nearing their end and you’d like to find comfort in your home again, but there are still a few floor repairs to carry out? Have you discovered a lack of hardwood in certain spots and have to repair your floor? Have your searches to find a carpenter who can repair your floor been in vain? Does it seem like nobody is able to perform such a task? That’s only logical, since only a carpenter or an artisan can accomplish this task. It demands skill, attention to detail, and expertise. You’re in luck: our workers specializing in floor repair are used to repairing wood floors!

We carry out floor insertions according to the rules of the trade. Our secret for performing a perfect repair is to deal with the existing floor! By following the original design, the wooden slats mesh with one another and blend in harmoniously with the floor. Glued and nailed*, the newly repaired floor will be even stronger than an all-new floor. The slats will be slightly thicker than the original flooring; you just have to sand them at the spot that’s been repaired to adjust their level. Once the floor is varnished, you’ll be speechless at the final result!

If you’ve taken care to choose your wood type wisely, the restoration of your floor will be flawless.


Repairing prefinished flooring

Your wood floor is damaged in certain spots and you’d like to repair one or more of the slats. If your prefinished floor is showing noticeable signs of wear and tear, don’t let the situation get any worse. Even if you doubt that it’s possible to repair it, let our professionals advise you, and contact us for a free estimate. This doesn’t commit you to anything, and we’ll let you know if the wood in your floor can be repaired and, if appropriate, we’ll explain to you how we’ll carry out the repairs on your prefinished floor. Our floor restoration professionals are experts and know how to delicately remove the boards that are connected to each other.

There are many factors that may be responsible for the deterioration of your floor: damage and oxidation due to water, an unusual amount of traffic in one or more specific areas, grooves caused by the movement of furniture or appliances, the abrasive effect due to the back-and-forth movement of the chairs…

In fact, no matter the reason why you want to replace the wooden slats of your floor, we can fix them.

At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you’re guaranteed to receive courteous and professional floor repair service. We take the time to advise you and listen to you, whether your project is big or small.

We understand just how important these renovations are to you. That’s why we give you all the patience you deserve. Our experienced artisans strive to perform an exemplary wood floor repair job. Once their mission is accomplished, your floor will rediscover its fresh look, and you… will smile!

N.B.: We also perform repairs on parquet and marquetry flooring.


The best solution is to repair your floor

What bad news! It’s such a shame; this wood floor reminds you of so many good memories. In the basement, the children used to play on the floor; on the ground level, your husband installed each of the boards by hand… In the rooms on the second level, your floor made people talk…and you were so proud of it! Over time, some of the slats became damaged, and you neglected to repair them: dark marks, cracking, water damage, interstices… And your flooring is now in a truly pitiful state! Several wooden slats should be repaired but you don’t know how to begin. You relied on the service of a floor repair professional, but he proposed tearing up your floor and putting in a new one; that solution would have cost you tens of thousands of dollars! And above all, it would break your heart to throw away your floor since – after all – it’s still good! There has to be another solution for repairing it! Indeed there is! Look no more; we’re the answer to your problem! We’re floor repair professionals, and we have a full range of services to offer you to meet your needs: floor repair, dust-free floor sanding, floor refinishing, and floor installation. And a whole list of high-quality products: water-based varnish, natural oil, traditional varnish

We’ll gladly guide you through the various floor repair options that we offer you. We preserve your floor and you save several thousand dollars. L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal is a business specializing in floor repair. We’ll handle your project! You can breathe now; you’re surrounded by people with experience in repairing floors who come from a long line of master sanders. We’ve been at your service for three generations, so you can take advantage of our ancestral expertise to repair your floors, passed down from father to son. Contact us for a free estimate. We’ll repair your floor at the best price!