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Are you looking for the best flooring sales in Fabreville for the construction or renovation of your home? In our store, we offer a wide range of floors as well as a quality installation service to carry out your project. Between natural wood floors and imitation wood floors, it’s up to you to choose the model that best meets your expectations. Also, for a lasting and irreproachable result, we put a service of installation of your floor at your disposal. This a way for you to opt for the best flooring in addition to enjoying a high-quality installation.

Floor Installation Specialist and Flooring Sales in Fabreville


Our Tips for Choosing the Right Floor from Flooring Sales in Fabreville

It is important to underline that the choice of a floor cannot be made lightly. Its mission will be to dress your floor for years and years. Thus, it will have a far-reaching impact on the style and design of your interior. More seriously, you cannot make any mistakes during your selection. To better guide your choice, consider picking from our wide range of flooring sales in Fabreville. Especially since by calling on our services, you will benefit from better support to help you bet on the ideal parquet floor. A professional who will listen to you to facilitate your decision-making. And this is always according to your preferences and your means. However, before taking the plunge to visit our store, here are a few parameters to consider when choosing your floor.

The Type of Coating

Inwood, imitation wood, or another type of material, the choice of the floor will depend on the above all according to the type of work undertaken. If you are in the middle of a renovation, it is advisable to favor light structures, because it is a question of consolidating an already existing floor. You have the choice between solid wood, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, cork, bamboo, or linoleum floors. Not to mention the composite or collaborating models. On the other hand, for the case of construction, the ideal would be to opt for aesthetic and robust wooden floors.

The Place Where It Will Be Installed

In general, the choice of a floor must be made according to the place where it will be laid. It must mainly be able to support permanent loads such as partitions, flooring, heating, etc. Or even variable loads such as furniture, vehicles, the comings, and goings of people, and others. The heavier the loads, the stronger and more load-bearing the floor must be. Also, the choice will not be the same for a low, intermediate, or attic floor. Not to mention that the type of floor will not be the same for the living room and other humid places such as the bathroom or the kitchen of the house.

Insulation Requirements and Moisture Resistance

The number of floors, the humidity level, the floor surface, and the outside temperature is all factors that you should consider when choosing your floor. Remember to favor very insulating floor models for the low floor on a crawl space, and wooden or mixed floors for the intermediate levels since they are both light and easy to install. Light, resistant, and insulating floors such as particle board wood are suitable in the attic.

The Style of The Floor

A floor must also be in line with the rest of the decor. For this, you have the choice between several local or exotic species, colors, lengths, widths, thicknesses, and finishes. In raw, satin, semi-gloss, matte, oiled, or even artisanal, it’s up to you to choose them according to your tastes. The goal is to create a harmonious and modern interior.

The Durability of the Floor

When choosing a floor, it is important to consider its durability and how well it will hold up over time. Hardwood floors, for example, are known for their durability and can last for decades with proper maintenance. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is a more affordable option but may not be as durable as hardwood. Laminate floors are also a popular option, but they are not as durable as hardwood or engineered wood and may need to be replaced sooner.

The Maintenance of the Floor

Another important factor to consider when choosing a floor is the level of maintenance it requires. Hardwood floors, for example, require regular cleaning and polishing to maintain their shine. Engineered wood and laminate floors are generally easier to maintain and may not require as much upkeep. Cork and bamboo floors are also low maintenance options, but they may not be as durable as hardwood or engineered wood.

The Cost of the Floor

Finally, it is important to consider the cost of the floor when making your selection. Hardwood floors are generally more expensive than other options, while engineered wood and laminate floors are more affordable. Cork and bamboo floors are also budget-friendly options.

In conclusion, choosing the right floor for your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By taking into account the type of coating, the place where it will be installed, insulation requirements and moisture resistance, style of the floor, durability, maintenance and cost you will be able to make the best decision for your home. At l’Artisan du Plancher, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you find the perfect floor for your home. We offer a wide range of flooring options and provide expert guidance to help you make the best decision for your home. Visit us today to explore our selection of floors and start creating the home of your dreams.


Floor Installation Specialist and Flooring Sales in Fabreville


A Perfect Floor Installation and Flooring Sales in Fabreville

As you will understand, the choice and installation of a floor should not be taken lightly. Regardless of the type of flooring chosen, it is best to entrust the installation of your flooring to an expert. For a more aesthetic and durable result, our team of qualified professional installers offers you its distinguished services. On this, trust us for the installation of your floor in the rules of the art, for all your projects in Fabreville.