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The selection of a floor covering for your interior is an essential step because it affects the decoration, insulation and comfort of your home. Among the wide variety of current trends: parquet is the leading installation for an aesthetic, durable and at the same time resistant floor. As well as being available in several versions, the floor has no trouble matching the style of your interior decoration. More specifically, solid wood flooring is the alternative recognized as being the most robust and easily invites itself into all types of modern architecture. However, to make sure you benefit from the advantages of this material, it is important to entrust its installation to professionals in the field. This article will help you get a clearer picture of this popular flooring model.

Why choosing solid wood flooring over other types of flooring?

For all your construction or renovation work, solid wood flooring is without a doubt the most economical option. And for good reason, it offers a multitude of advantages over other similar floor coverings on the market. Among the undeniable advantages of solid wood flooring is its great resistance to all evidence. In fact, this type of floor coating is highly prized both for its solidity and its remarkable durability. This is especially due to the fact that only one wood is used in its design.

As well as being a profitable and long-lasting investment, solid wood flooring also has good insulation performance. Particularly in terms of thermal insulation, a floor covering made of such a material will keep the heat in your home, thereby saving you money on your heating bill. This is a very effective solution if you want to install underfloor heating in your home. Opting for the installation of solid wood flooring is also a way for you to benefit from a perfect sound insulation. That’s right! In addition to retaining heat, this type of material also offers excellent sound insulation. This allows you to protect yourself from the noise of the neighborhood, for example.

Solid wood flooring is also a floor covering that can be laid in all the rooms of your house. Suitable for all styles, this type of material can indeed cover different patterns and varied according to your preferences. Between the models with more or less large knots, cracks or various colors, it is up to you to choose the solid wood flooring that will give cachet and a warm air to the whole decor.

Lastly, you should know that solid wood flooring is an easy to maintain installation. According to the layer of coating applied to your floor, you will have to adapt the appropriate maintenance. Also, remember that if you start to get tired of the look of raw wood, you can always repaint your floor in the colors of your choice.

Using the best craftsman for the installation of solid wood flooring

To be certain to benefit from all the benefits offered by solid wood flooring, it is more than necessary to entrust its installation to true specialists in the field. That’s why our Montreal store offers you its services to meet your most distinguished expectations. Made up of a band of experts in the installation of solid wood flooring of high quality and perfectly secured, our team will know how to make your project a total success.

Serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, our store is also close to you to better serve you. On the program: skilled craftsmen who are attentive to your requests, solid wood flooring installed according to current safety and quality standards. By choosing to entrust the realization of your project to our professionals, you will in fact have the guarantee to benefit from an aesthetic and resistant floor which will be able to accompany you during the long years to come. So, don’t wait any longer and come and see us in store during our business hours for a better overview of the services we offer you.