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Choosing the essence of hardwood flooring is one of the most fundamental, but nevertheless important, decisions that an owner must make when undertaking a renovation, because it underpins everything else.
Want to add a touch of exoticism to your home? So why not consider a walnut soil? Renowned for its incredible strength and stability, this luxurious type of wood exudes a unique warmth that attracts attention in all interiors.

Features of the exotic walnut floor

In its natural state, exotic walnut floors are characterized by a simple-looking, beautifully figurative, varied heartwood, and its colour can range from yellowish to olive to chocolate brown. On the other hand, the aubier tends to be greyish in colour, creating a striking appearance that becomes the visual appeal of any room.
The exotic floor of Brazilian walnut, commonly known as Ipe flooring is gaining worldwide recognition among savvy homeowners who understand that when one wants the best exotic hardwood, the choice is clear.
The Brazilian walnut wood displays a variation of tones and colors that look like the ones found in American walnut wood. The Brazilian walnut is a very glossy wood with a rather fine texture and grain ranging from straight to curly or wavy and sparkling.

The Brazilian walnut flooring (Ipe flooring) is an excellent choice for hardwood floors that immediately adds a royal and elegant look to any home.
The exotic walnut floor is known to be very sturdy, with excellent shock resistance. The walnut is one of the most durable woods available on the exotic flooring market, even in conditions conducive to rot.

Pros and cons of Exotic Flooring in Walnut

The Brazilian walnut is a high-end wood used in the production of hardwood floors. The exotic walnut flooring is one of the most luxurious hardwood flooring options yet being very solid to last for decades. Indeed, the Brazilian walnut flooring aka Ipé is by far one of the most important investments you can make for your home.
The exotic walnut floor is a very hard wood, with a Janka hardness factor of 3680. In addition, exotic floor coverings made of Brazilian walnut are naturally resistant to mould, fungi, termites and other insects.
In addition, this species is considered one of the most sought-after exotic wood species in Brazil, the Ipe is quite hard and dense and it is distinguished by its resistance to the formation of bumps and wear.
If you are rather of high-quality dark parquet style, then Brazilian walnut is a classic and timeless floor choice that will captivate all eyes.
The Brazilian walnut floor is known for its durability, rich and deep colors and unique patterns that make it a luxury option. It is also known that Brazilian walnut wood is harder and much stronger than American walnut wood. In addition, Brazilian walnut flooring has always been a very popular flooring solution for high-end homes.
Here at the Montreal Floor Artisan, we have a vast inventory of exotic walnut floors as well as other local and exotic species to enjoy. Contact us today to place an order or for any questions regarding the use of exotic walnut flooring for your next flooring project.