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In recent years, there has been a growing interest in exotic wood species. One of the most popular exotic wood species is Ipé wood (pronounced ee-pay), which grows mainly in South America. An exotic ipé floor is made of hardwood, beautiful, dense and durable, will bring a touch of exoticism to your home.

Features of Ipé’s exotic flooring

The Ipé is known to be one of the hardest woods in the world. The Ipé is characterized by its rich, deep and dark brown color. The rich chocolate tones of hardwood floors Ipé instantly differentiate your room and add an elegant touch to your space. However, the exotic flooring of Ipé has slight variations in color inthe wood, which may vary in some areas from olive tones and reddish brown to almost blackish brown, with more brown/black stripes contrasting and this spectacular coloring is one of the many reasons why Ipé is so desirable.

Finally, Ipé wood has a distinctive range of dark brown and deep blond hues that blend together to form a rich and exotic colour. Incredibly durable and beautiful, exotic Ipé floors are the perfect choice for those looking for a warm and durable hardwood floor. Ipé’s hardwood floors are able to withstand significant wear and tear while maintaining a good look.

Pros and cons of Ipé’s exotic floors

Ipé wood is one of the hardest wood species on the planet, hence its nickname: Ironwood. This hardness combines with its density, gives it high dimensional stability and a very high content of natural fat resin, and makes it extremely difficult to scratch or damage. This also means that the exotic flooring of Ipé does not absorb moisture and therefore does not become slippery when wet.

The Ipé offers amazing variations of natural colors. Any outdoor space is instantly enriched with an exotic floor of Ipé. Often it is possible to compose your exotic floor Ipé, by combining different lengths and sizes. You can choose from an almost infinite variety of patterns for a hardwood floor like no other.

Overall, the ipé floor is extremely hard and dense wood, and extremely beautiful and striking, with superb resistance to mold and rot. As a result, it is commonly used for exterior flooring on the balcony of your condo, terrace or roof terrace.

In addition, the many features and benefits of this exotic wood flooring create outdoor living spaces that can easily cope with any climate.

One of the determining factors in Ipé wood is its hardness. The scale at which wood hardness is measured is called the Janka scale. The industry standard, the northern red oak, has a score of 1290 on the Janka scale. However, the Ipé has an astronomical hardness index of Janka of 3510 on the Janka scale. Some people compare the hardness of the Ipé to the hardness of the steel. This hardness has excellent advantages in terms of durability and strength, making it the ideal exterior flooring for wooden decks.

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