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Cumaru, also known as Brazilian teak or Cumaru, is an exotic wood species from South America. The exotic floors of Cumaru have a brown color which is a popular choice for many functions. Cumaru’s exotic flooring offers a uniform overall color compared to many exotic floors, giving it a sophisticated appearance. With its long grain pattern, Cumaru wood gives a subtle wavy design that is soft and attractive.

Features of Cumaru’s exotic flooring

Cumaru wood is renowned for its extreme hardness, making it an exceptional building material and hardwood flooring. Invest in an exotic floor of Cumaru with its natural hardness and you get a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.

Cumaru has a color ranging from golden yellow to medium brownish. You will appreciate its reddish hues and its touch of rich bronze, sometimes described as milk chocolate color. Amber is another descriptive word often used for exotic Cumaru wood floors.

Cumaru’s exotic hardwood flooring offers a durable and attractive finish in a dark hue, ideal for dining rooms, open living spaces and entrance fireplaces. Compare Cumaru’s floors to other wood species on the market and you’ll probably fall in love with its amazing appearance and surprising strength. You can call our experts at The Montreal Floor Artisan to discuss with us the benefits of Cumaru’s exotic floors in your home.

In addition, Cumaru’s exotic flooring caters to a wide range of consumers, from exotic-tasting homeowners in search of an exotic wooden floor that prints building designers. looking for an attractive and extremely sustainable product.

Pros and cons of Cumaru’s exotic floors

Visual appeal is one of the main advantages of installing an exotic Cumaru floor. This type of wooden flooring offers several distinct advantages and creates a rich look that echoes the timeless appeal of Brazilian Teck.

Especially since Cumaru wood has a very high hardness index, reaching 3540 on the Janka scale. This level of resistance helps reduce scratches and general wear on your exotic Cumaru wood floor. Cumaru’s dense wood also insulates better, creating a more comfortable living space in all areas of your home that combine strength and durability.

More resistant than local hardwood species, Cumaru is an exotic wood often used for solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. Owners can benefit from several characteristics of this species, including strength and distinctiveness. Although the cost is a little higher than popular local floors such as the Red Hen’s or maple, Cumaru’s exotic flooring creates a stunning look that adds charm value to any home.