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Hardwood flooring adds style, value and warmth to your home. Since the installation of hardwood floors is generally an expensive and important home improvement, it is cost-effective to achieve a sustainable and quality result.

Each wood species has its own look, features and way to bring beauty and durability to your home’s flooring.

We have the pleasure of working with many exotic wood species. We want to share information about each species to help you make the best decision for your choice of hardwood flooring.

Features of cherry’s exotic floor

The Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, is a very hard wood with a natural golden glow, which gives it a lot of character when exposed to the sun. This would be a great floor for quite often sun-exposed beach houses!

Brazilian Cherry trees are found in southern Mexico, the Caribbean and throughout Central America, including northern Brazil, with its trees up to 30 metres high.

The exotic cherry floor of is available in different shades and makes it unique for its natural colors. It increases its brightness by being exposed to sunlight. Also, there is a rapid and pronounced color change to turn to deep reddish brown.

Indeed, the exotic cherry flooring is preferably the best option of hardwood floors for rooms with heavy traffic such as the hallway, the dining room and the living room.

Pros and cons of cherry’s exotic flooring

Whatever the feature that attracts your interest in installing a beautiful exotic wood floor in your home, the exotic cherry floor is certainly a new focal point in every space. Whether you’re looking for natural-colored hardwood or something strong and dense, each exotic wood floor is one of a kind and will make a sensational addition to any home.

Knowing that the exotic cherry flooring is considered the most magnificent and amazing wood variety among tropical woods. In addition, the exotic cherry floor is more resilient and is likely suitable for high-traffic areas.

To make your investment in exotic wood floors last a lifetime, we help you choose the hardwood essence that will go best with your home and we also install your floor. For advice or practical information, contact your expert Montreal Floor Artisan.

For a high-quality flooring installation, trust our competent and courteous professionals at the Montreal Floor Artisan.