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Few home improvements can transform a room with warmth, beauty and style as efficiently as installing new hardwood floors. Indeed, Cabreuva’s exotic hardwood floors have a rich and attractive appearance that adds value and unique style to your home.

Cabreuva wood, also known as Santos Mahogany, is a naturally rich in colour and contrasting wood, which is one of the exotic species native to South America and North America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

The floor of Cabreuva is considered one of the most sought-after exotic species by homeowners. It is known to be quite hard, durable and very stable. Its resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations makes it an excellent floor choice for any room in your home.

Cabreuva Floor Features (Santos Mahogany)
Cwatered wood is distinguished by its rich reddish brown colour and its very fine and uniform grain texture. Like other tropical wood species, Cabreuva’s hardwood floor offers beautiful deep red and brown tones with a few orange shades, which intensify and darken over time.

With its beautiful natural deep red tones, the floor of Santos Mahogany (Cabreuva) has a color that is close to reddish brown. It is also very durable and extremely dense with very small pores, even smaller than that of walnut hardwood.

Cabreuva hardwood flooring is considered a solid anti-fungal wood with an average density of 58 lbs/ft3. It is about 70% harder than red oak flooring and about 60% harder than white oak flooring.

The exotic floor of Cabreuva is also known for its pleasant and unique spicy fragrance. Frankly, it is a better alternative to mahogany flooring for surfaces exposed to heavy traffic.

Cabreuva flooring is an extremely popular wood in the world of flooring, it is often sought after because of its density, its qualities of resistance to rot and other remarkable features. The Santos Mahogany tree is well known for its yield in balm used in perfumes, harvested mainly in El Salvador.

Cabreuva’s hardwood flooring offers a variation in color and grain from very fine to medium, giving a naturally more uniform floor. It is usually installed in basements, ground floors and floors, as well as in condos.

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