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With so many wood flooring options available on the market today, it’s even harder for homeowners to choose the one that suits them best.
It’s true that upgrading your floors is one of the best ways to improve your home. Moreover, hardwood floors not only increase the resale value of your home, but they also make your living space visually dynamic. However, installing exotic wood floors instead of traditional wood floors is a great way to make your floor unique and increase the value of your home.

So, are you looking for a beautiful, high-quality floor for your home? The exotic bamboo floors can be the perfect alternative for you.

Bamboo Exotic Floor Features

It is well known that bamboo is an exceptional ecological flooring choice, as it is one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources on the planet. This plant native to Asia has the fastest growing in nature. Well, as it is a herb rather than a wood, bamboo can be harvested selectively year after year, but be careful not to take shoots too early so as not to affect the integrity of the bamboo floor.

In addition, the aesthetics of the exotic bamboo flooring is unique and elegant. It brings a natural look to your space. The bamboo can be integrated into any décor and enhance its visual appeal.

The exotic bamboo floors have recently become increasingly famous in North America as a flooring option. The bamboo gives your home or office a unique style with a stunning look, adapting to any style of interior decoration. The exotic bamboo flooring has become an elegant choice of flooring with its robustness, elegant look and green properties. Thus, bamboo floors become an alternative to other types ofwooden floors.

Pros and cons of Bamboo’s exotic flooring

Bamboo is one of the most durable wood species for flooring and its hardness is superior to that of many hardwoods. In addition, the bamboo floor is extremely resistant. This durability and resilience make it an excellent floor choice for busy areas of your home, such as living rooms and hallways.

However, it is important to take care to choose your bamboo floor, as often the bamboo floor coverings use a urea-formaldehyde adhesive (UF) during the stratification. However, the use of formaldehyde emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to indoor air quality and the health of those who inhale them, even if the bamboo flooring transformed into use relatively small quantities compared to other floors. Nevertheless, you can find exotic bamboo wood treated without formaldehyde available on the market.

A bamboo floor will give your room a warm touch, providing warmth and comfort with a good floor finish. In addition, the bamboo can be dyed in an infinite variety of colors, so it can be matching any décor.

It should be noted that the exotic bamboo flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options on the market, as it is made from a highly renewable natural source. No chemicals are required for maintenance and cleaning. As a result, the ability to renew, durability and ease of maintenance make the bamboo floor a very green flooring material.
In the end, the bamboo flooring is not just an exotic choice; it’s an incredibly practical, solid, affordable and elegant option when it comes to flooring design.