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Engineered wood is a type of floor covering made from real wood, plywood or high-density fiber, all joined to a veneer glued to its base. Available in two types of ranges: engineered wood click and engineered wood lamella and groove, this material has a number of special features. Long-lasting and at the same time strong, engineered wood offers many benefits to its adepts. These benefits will differ depending on the model chosen. In this article, find out what makes click engineered wood different from laminated engineered wood and grooved wood.

Engineered wood: what is it really about?

Engineered wood is a solid wood material cut in the direction of thickness, bonded to a much more stable component. It is ideally a product made of high quality plywood. More importantly, it is the veneer that gives the floor the appearance found in many species. In general, engineered flooring is produced for greater stability, especially where moisture or heat is a problem for hardwood flooring. In addition to its top layer of veneer, engineered flooring also has a base containing three or more layers. Naturally, the higher the number of layers, the greater the stability. The base can be made of plywood, fiberboard or hardwood.

Reasons to opt for engineered wood

First of all, you should know that engineered wood flooring can enhance the decorating style of an entire room. How? By providing a timeless beauty whose value evolves over time. Thanks to engineered wood, you’ll have the assurance of using a product with a classical, original and practical look. Note that engineered wood uses a variety of natural resources. Leaving a reduced ecological footprint, it is a more environmentally friendly and profitable purchase. Especially since it is a material that will last for many years to come.

Engineered wood also has the benefit of resisting normal temperature changes perfectly. Ideal on a floor with integrated radiant heating, engineered wood can also be laid on all levels of your home. In short, for these reasons, engineered wood is a floor covering that is as aesthetic as it is practical, and it deserves its place in your house.

Engineered wood click and engineered wood lamella and groove: which one to opt for?

Click engineered wood, just like laminated engineered wood, is a high quality and resistant material. Providing a particularly authentic aesthetic appearance, these types of engineered wood are perfectly capable of blending in with any type of decor. Click engineered wood is a material made from real wood that stands out because of its installation system. It is installed by gluing and veneering the click engineered wood to the base. Laminated engineered wood is a material made of a high-density fiber base. Unlike click engineered wood, click engineered wood is installed in a floating manner with a glueless system. Engineered wood lamella and groove is for anyone who wants to enjoy a removable floor. In other words, a floor that can be laid and removed as many times as possible. Whereas click engineered wood is a type of material that can be installed all at once. Note that both are advantageous and resistant elements, it’s up to you to choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Also, it is brought to your attention that click engineered wood and engineered wood lamella and groove present a small difference in the aspect and the species of wood that form them. In all cases, both are materials that offer their own benefits to their adepts. In short, it’s up to you to make your decision and adopt the type of material that meets your expectations.