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Staircase sanding carried out by true artisans

Magnificent work!

Dust-free staircase sanding designed for you

For a long time in Montréal, Laval, and the South Shore, performing dust-free staircase sanding has involved a series of tasks that fell to artisans. Why? Simply because it’s a complex job that requires a finesse and dexterity that only years and knowledge can impart. That’s why only an experienced master sander is able to accomplish such a task. Restoring steps, risers, and stair stringers involves a number of manual operations.

These essential sanding steps create particles that remain suspended in the air. We understand the nuisance that this dust causes for your well-being. Rest assured that we have a solution to spare you from virtually all of the dust: our dust-free staircase sanding service! Thanks to our innovative system and the implementation of our efforts, you’ll no longer have to be inconvenienced.

What would you say to a new “look” for your stairs? We have several designs to offer you: custom-made, colonial, artisanal, traditional, contemporary, modern… Choose the style that fits your decor perfectly.

We assist you with every step of your project – from planning to execution – and offer you a “turnkey” solution! We listen to you, we take the time to re-evaluate your projects according to your specific preferences, we guide you, and we meet your personalized needs. This means that, once the work on your stairs is completed, the result is suited to you.

You don’t have a specific idea? Get inspired by our projects and discover the latest trends in lacquered staircases.


L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal continues to innovate with its dust-free sanding system

We’re currently the only ones in Québec who have the Bona Atomic Trailers DCS system, an advanced machine with a mechanism that’s incredibly ahead of the curve. In effect, it sucks up the toxic dust that comes from the old varnish and deposits it in a trailer located outside. It’s thanks to this pioneering Swedish process that we can now offer you the best dust-free sanding service there is.

Our 100%-airtight central suction unit collects all the dust generated by the sanding and has no adverse effects on the cleanliness of your home.

Gone is the huge clean-up after the sanding project! The itchy eyes, the runny nose… all those inconveniences due to the inhaled dust are no more! The arduous post-work cleaning chores have disappeared! Our sophisticated equipment lets us eliminate these nuisances and the expenses that inevitably result from them.

You can now stay comfortably at home and calmly go about your business while our dust-free sanding specialists give life and warmth back to your hardwood and your stairs. You can also check out our “dust-free floor sanding” section.


A staircase sanding service provider for three generations

As we all know, the history of Québec goes back a few hundred years. Our ancestors – colonists from France – set foot on a continent that was still in a wild state. Their achievement was having cleared the land with their bare hands. At that time, education wasn’t accessible, but the settlers knew the earth and the wood. Their survival depended on it.

The context today is very different from that of the past, but the memory of our ancestors remains present within us. We’ve been able to keep their legacy intact through our innate love for wood. Coming from a family of craftsmen, we know the value of a job well done. That’s why, when you choose L’Artisan du Plancher, you’re choosing excellent service and work carried out flawlessly. Our dust-free staircase sanding equipment is state of the art, and we use natural oils and water-based varnishes for floors that have been carefully chosen for their high quality.

Our per-square-foot prices for staircase and floor sanding are competitive, and our estimates are free. Take advantage of unparalleled customer service and extraordinary business hours by choosing L’Artisan du Plancher!