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In order to obtain a practical floor covering that will sublimate the look of your house, the choice of the technique used for its installation is the subject of an unavoidable process. Indeed, once you decide to install a parquet floor to decorate your interior, three main strategies are available to you. You can choose to install flooring that can be nailed, glued or floating. Depending on your choices and the finish you wish to achieve, you can choose the appropriate technique and the qualified installer to carry out your parquet construction or renovation project. To simplify your task, discover in this article the advantages of laying nailed and floating flooring.

The strong aspects of a nailed parquet installation

In general, floors to be nailed down are made of solid wood. This type of flooring can also be bonded or nailed or simply nailed down. But it cannot be glued only. It is engineered flooring that can be nailed or glued. Engineered flooring can only be glued because its tongue and grooves are straighter than solid wood flooring. Efficient and at the same time very practical, nailed parquet has dressed the floors of our homes for centuries. This laying technique gives the parquet floor elasticity underfoot, making it very comfortable to walk on. The incomparable level of sound insulation given by a nailed parquet floor also sets it apart from other techniques of the same kind. All the more so as it is an installation that combines requirements with modern comforts. In other words, the impact sound insulation is especially effective with this type of parquet installation.

But still, the installation of parquet flooring of the nailed type is a practice with an outstanding price-quality ratio. For the simple and good reason that the installation of a floor on plywood does not cost more than the installation of parquet on an insulator. And finally, it is brought to your attention that the installation of nailed flooring is a job that requires a much shorter installation time. The disadvantage is that laying a nailed floor requires a certain budget.

Reasons for choosing to install floating parquet flooring

For this second technique, it should be noted that only parquet models intended for floating installation can be laid in this way. In particular, it is a question of three-layer glued parquet. Floating parquet is easy to install and is just as quick and dirt-free as it is suitable for a living space. This type of installation is very economical and less expensive than other types of flooring. Its soundproofing is also simple and less expensive. To be sure to benefit from an aesthetic and resistant floor, it is important to always choose a superior quality product. As for the disadvantages, it should be noted that floating flooring is sensitive to footfall noise and is not advisable over underfloor heating.

Floating floor installation can also reduce the comfort of your home if it is not carried out by true experts in the field. If you do not know the proper techniques, you risk using an unsightly and unsafe floor. That is why it is important to use the services of a qualified installer for the installation of your nailed or floating floor.

Professional installer in Montreal for high quality nailed or floating floors

You will have understood that to successfully complete your project, the installation of nailed or floating flooring must be performed by specialists in the field. For this reason, our Montreal store proposes you its services for a service entirely up to your expectations. Thanks to competent and professional craftsmen, our service formed by experts in the installation of nailed or floating flooring guarantees you a quality floor covering that meets your expectations.

Serving the North Shore, the South Shore, and Laval, our teams will also take care of installing your floor according to the safety and quality standards in effect. What’s more, our craftsmen have the necessary, innovative and practical equipment to make your construction or renovation project a complete success. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to our experts in our store, open during business hours.