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Commercial floor sanding is an affordable alternative for quick renovation work. For both merchants and homeowners, sanding is a technique that enables you to restore your wood floors. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a floor like new in no time at all, without having to spend a lot of money. But not only that… Read this article for more information on commercial floor sanding and especially on the usefulness of the CCQ card.

What is commercial floor sanding?

Generally speaking, sanding allows you to refurbish your commercial floor using a technique that is as simple as it is practical. It is in fact a process that aims to remove scratches and wear marks left by time from your commercial floor. By using commercial floor sanding, you will be able to restore the beauty and shine of your floor. Note that commercial floor sanding is done in almost the same way as sanding other types of flooring. The only difference is that commercial flooring is a floor that deteriorates much more quickly because it is a high-traffic area.

Remember that before sanding your commercial floor, it is important to consider a few factors. You must close your room tightly to prevent the dust generated by the sanded wood from spreading too much. If necessary, turn off the central ventilation system in your business to avoid clogging the ducts. You should also wear a protective mask to avoid the risk of breathing dust while working. Finally, make sure the room is well ventilated for a successful sanding of your commercial floor.

Commercial floor sanding: what are the standards to be respected?

Commercial floor sanding is an artisanal practice of cleaning and refinishing both floors and wood surfaces. In principle, the sander uses high-speed abrasive papers on the material to be stripped. Remember that sanders must be handled carefully and thoroughly to avoid any risk of unforeseen problems related to sanding your commercial floor. This sandblasting work involves stripping varnishes, stains or paints first. It also makes it possible to thoroughly clean the wood in addition to smoothing the treated surface. Not to mention that sanding commercial flooring is a way to create roughness that will facilitate the adhesion of a coating to be varnished.

The role of the CCQ card in commercial floor sanding

For all your commercial floor sanding work, you must have a CCQ card. For those who are not yet aware, the Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ) is a joint organization responsible for the application of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry, which governs this industry. More seriously, it is an organization that has a number of mandates, including training and development of workers in the field of construction and renovation. The CCQ also grants certificates of competency to practitioners in this field.

In the context of a commercial floor sanding project, it is therefore essential to ask for your professional’s CCQ card before entrusting your project to them. This is a very significant step that should not be taken lightly, since without it, you risk exposing yourself to criminal prosecution that could result in fines. To say that starting your project without complying with these obligations to the CCQ is not at all conceivable. All the more so since CCQ agents regularly carry out inspections on the premises in the middle of construction work to ensure that everything is in perfect order. In short, possession of the CCQ card is therefore very important for the successful completion of your commercial floor sanding project.