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Which Products Should You Use to Maintain an Oiled Floor? 

If you have an oiled floor or staircase, you’ve made a wise choice. By maintaining it properly, you’ll probably never have to sand it again. Read our oiled floor maintenance guide carefully and follow it rigorously to preserve its authenticity. It will be necessary for you to use products that are compatible with each other. Always use cleaning products from the same company as the oils that you originally used to protect your floor. If you have a floor repair to do, we recommend consulting our section on oiled floor repair. Our company, which specializes in floor sanding, also offers you an assortment of services adapted to your needs. If you’re thinking about renovating your floor or staircase, don’t hesitate to contact our company, which specializes in hardwood floors, to receive afree estimate. 

Livos-Brand Cleaning Products: A Mark of Quality! 

logo Livos huiles écologiques pour le bois

Livos-brand products are reliable and high-quality. These eco-friendly oils for wood are very popular among contractors specializing in hardwood floor sanding and finishing. Our customers are delighted with the results that Livos allows us to achieve. Their oils and cleaners are appreciated by both contractors and homeowners! 

The Livos guarantee: “We disclose all the components used in the manufacture of our cleaning products for oiled floors. Most of our competitors who claim to be eco-friendly don’t do this, or only in part. Our products are biodegradable, and our solvents don’t irritate. Manufacturing natural products is Livos primary mission. Our cleaning products for oiled floors therefore meet stringent ecological principles.” 

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CARVER Products for Oiled Interior Wood: PARQUET OLIATO INTERNI 

Specific products for your oil-treated wood floors intended for both domestic and professional use and capable of meeting all the requirements in terms of cleaning and maintenance. 

kit-oliato Carver pour nettoyer le sol  
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Prato-Verde Cleaning Products for Oiled Wood 

It’s easy to care for an oiled floor. However, it’s necessary to use products that are compatible with the finish of the wood. Prato-Verde soaps, which contain no solvents or aggressive products, are used for the regular maintenance of oiled wood. The soap for oiled floors cleans and regenerates the finish of the wood thanks to its natural oil content. The protector maintains the matte-satin lustre and diminishes the little scratches caused by everyday wear. It’s important to use Prato-Verde cleaning products to care for floors oiled with Prato-Verde oils. 


Luminoso produit d'entretien pour bois huilé de Prato-Verde  
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Find a retailer of Prato-Verde cleaning products for oiled floors 

You can find the retailer nearest you by going directly to the Prato-Verde site or by clicking the following link: http://prato-verde.ca/locator/ 


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ÉcoSélection Cleaning Products for Oiled Floors 

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ÉcoSélection recommends using a well-wrung-out damp cloth to clean your oiled surface. If you use a soap to clean your oiled wood, use a very mild product with a neutral pH. How often you clean your floor will affect the oil that protects it. It will be necessary to add a coat of ÉcoSélection oil about a year after the first application. Then, you’ll only need to do local applications as needed. For more information, check out the following link: 

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Find a retailer of ÉcoSélection cleaning products for oiled floors 

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You can find the retailer nearest you by going directly to the ÉcoSélection site or by clicking the following link: http://www.ecoselection.com/ 

For Auro cleaning products for oiled floors 

Check out the following link: http://www.auro.fr/ 

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