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In search of a floor covering that will enhance all the spaces of your house? Solid maple flooring is made for you. More specifically, it is a floor covering that is both aesthetic and practical, and that fully merits its place in a modern and stylish interior. Its durability and resistance is no longer a secret for anyone. But not only… because this type of floor covering has more than one trick up its sleeve to offer a multitude of benefits to its enthusiasts. These few lines will give you an overview of the question and will enlighten you on the steps involved in choosing a solid maple floor.

Solid maple parquet: what are the benefits?

Solid maple flooring is usually the option for anyone looking for a clear, homogeneous, bright and durable wood. With its beautiful slightly pearly look and decorative lines, installing this type of flooring will give your home an air of precious wood. Highly regarded in Canadian homes, the rough, natural, and generally unprotected surface is sure to seduce all fans of original and stylish flooring. Being a sturdy material by nature, maple flooring also offers endless durability. Its excellent impact and scratch resistance also makes maple a wood species that will be with you for years to come. Solid maple flooring is also very popular in the manufacture of skating rinks, skittles and in the field of cabinet making.

Its almost white color with its reddish tones also distinguishes this type of floor covering. A characteristic that makes solid maple flooring a perfect choice for living spaces, regardless of their style of decoration. Being a hardwood species with a soft grain and veining, this material is also made to bring luminosity and an incomparable visual effect of space in the room where it is installed. Simply put, solid maple flooring is ideal for highlighting a layout concept, while maintaining a discreet presence.

Note that this flooring is available in a wide variety of models and is accessible to all types of budgets. That’s right! Whatever your tastes and your means, you are sure to always find the solid maple flooring model made for you.

The criteria for choosing solid maple flooring

It is brought to your awareness that by choosing to install a solid maple floor in your house, you are choosing a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. To make sure you are opting for a high quality and perfectly resistant floor, start by taking into account your floor’s Janka score. On a solid maple floor, the Janka test allows you to determine the wood’s resistance to sinking and thus its hardness and longevity.

Once this is done, you will need to determine the style and finish that best suits you. And since solid maple is a material available in a wide range of models, it’s up to you to choose the look and lines that meet your expectations. Not to mention the fact that this type of flooring blends in with all styles of decor, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, as well as the most refined and uncluttered.

Price is also a decisive consideration when choosing a solid maple floor. To know the cost of your maple flooring, you will have to take into account the total surface area of your room. That said, keep in mind that solid maple flooring costs on average between 25 and 40 euros per square meter. When choosing your solid maple flooring, don’t hesitate to use this material in one part of your room and another in the other. For the simple reason that wood in combination with another material is the real trend of the moment.