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In search of the floor covering that will give cachet to all your interior rooms? Oiled flooring is the solution for you. Aesthetic and practical at the same time, this type of flooring brings all the warmth and charm your room expectations. Indeed, the oiled floor is one of the warmest and most user-friendly floor coverings available. It is the ideal flooring for an interior that blends elegance and character. Obviously, to benefit from all its features, you should entrust the installation of your oiled floor to a true professional in the field. The objective is to ensure both the aesthetic and practical side of your floor. Browse to learn more.

An oiled finish for all styles of parquets

Also known as oiled finish flooring, oiled parquet is a perfect floor covering to enhance the look of your rooms. Elegant and very practical, this type of flooring can fit any style of decoration and blends easily into the overall decor. Perfect to highlight most wood materials, the oiled finish is particularly suitable for raw wood flooring and modern floors with thin or wide strips. This is the flagship finish for an interior with a modern and stylish design. According to your desires, oiled flooring is available in a multitude of finishes: from natural to stained for a result that meets your expectations.

Why choosing to install oiled flooring in your rooms ?

Stylish and offering a rustic look to your interior decoration, the oiled floor is a floor covering that is a great success. With a non-bold character, this type of flooring is ideally suited to provide a natural charm to your home. Especially since it is a parquet floor that has the benefit of providing deep protection to the wood that forms it. In other words, oiled flooring is a floor covering that, thanks to its non-film-forming finish, offers protection that is not restricted to the surface of the wood. The oil in this type of flooring penetrates the wood fibres, so to speak, in order to better treat and protect the wood as deeply as possible.

A small drawback is that an oiled parquet floor requires fairly regular maintenance. It is in fact necessary to apply a coat of oil every 6 months to a year for maximum protection of your flooring. Finally, it is good to know that an oiled floor is not as solid as a vitrified floor for example.

To whom should I entrust the installation of oiled flooring?

Basically, the installation of oiled flooring is a project that requires the intervention of specialists in the field. The aim is to put in place a floor covering that will enhance the style of your interior decoration. To do so, it would be best to turn to experienced and skilled installers in the field of oiled flooring installation. Formed to offer you a rendering that meets all your requirements, they will take charge of the installation of your oiled floor according to the quality and safety standards in force.

Remember also to give priority to the specialists who are available and who listen to your needs to make sure that your projects are carried out according to your wishes. Not to mention that a professional who offers quality services at the best price is an option not to be neglected.

For all your construction or floor renovation projects, our Montreal-based store offers you its top-of-the-line services to meet all your expectations. Serving the North Shore, South Shore, and Laval, our flooring experts will take to heart to install your floor in accordance with the required standards. So, don’t wait any longer to put the installation of your oiled flooring in the hands of true specialists in the field.