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For all your renovation or construction projects, raw oak flooring is an aesthetic and resistant covering. More and more popular, this type of floor covering allows you to bring the touch of originality that is missing from your interior decoration. Adopting raw oak flooring is the pledge of a parquet floor that offers a natural and friendly atmosphere to your interior. Browse this article to learn a little more about this model of flooring which offers a number of advantages to its fans.

The benefits of raw oak flooring

Raw oak flooring is a parquet floor that provides you with a wide range of benefits. Between its ecological side and its rustic aspect, this type of flooring is very appreciated by homes concerned about the impact that the materials have on the environment. As far as installation is concerned, raw oak flooring also allows three types of installation. These are floating flooring, glued flooring and nailed flooring, depending on your requirements and the stability you are looking for in your home.

Oak is also a wood that is famous for its durability and resistance. This means that a floor made with such a material is perfectly able to offer you all the durability and quality you need. Not very susceptible to everyday wear and tear or scratches, this type of floor can also maintain its quality over the years with the right care.

Adapted to all the rooms in your home, solid oak flooring is also available in a variety of models. The multitude of finishes it offers has no trouble matching the style of your interior decoration. It is also important to note that in addition to blending easily into the overall decor, this type of flooring is accessible to all budgets.

Another benefit?

In adding to these qualities already mentioned, it should also be taken into consideration that raw oak parquet is a floor model that you can cover with a finish such as varnish or oil for maximum shine. However, you are not required to apply any varnish or oil because you can always leave your flooring as it is, i.e. raw. You just need to apply a product that will protect the wood that forms your floor covering. This way, you will keep its natural and pure aspect, while maximizing its durability.

Criteria for selecting a raw oak flooring

In order to profit from all the particularities of the raw oak floor, you must first choose the model adapted to the style of your interior. To do this, start by defining your budget and try to estimate the price of the wood floor you require. You will then have to take into account the level of machining, the width of the planks, the type of wood, its finish and finally the cost of the installation itself. Please note, however, that the installation of a rough oak floor costs between 25 and 40 euros per square meter.

You can let your imagination run wild when choosing the type of raw oak flooring. Just take the time to choose a flooring that meets your expectations and that will harmonize with the general style of your room. In terms of durability, the best thing to do would be to estimate the Janka score of your parquet. For those of you who don’t know it yet, this is a score that is intended to determine the resistance, strength and durability of your installation.

So you’ll understand that raw oak flooring is a floor covering that is as aesthetic as it is practical and that deserves its place in your modern home. By choosing to opt for this type of flooring, you are assured of using the most refined and timeless material available. No matter what lines and colors you choose, rest assured that it is not easy to find a product that matches the style and originality that such a material can offer to your decoration.