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For several years, the American cherry floor, also called Yellow Borleau, has been considered one of the highest-end floors that can be installed in your home. Indeed, the floor of Cherry is a very popular choice and it is beautiful.

However, it should be noted that yellow birch flooring is commonly referred to as the Cherry floor. This floor clearly belongs to the “high-end” category, with its deep and rich red hues, natural sheen and fine and delicate grain patterns. The Cherry floor remains an ideal choice for those who want a true modern and luxurious look in their home.

Cherry hardwood floors are suitable for just about every home, whether you have cats or dogs, toddlers, or any other activity that uses your flooring, this durable wood floor can handle everything.

Characteristics of The Cherry floor?

Native to North America, this hardy wood varies in colors from a creamy white with yellow to a golden brown with red shades. The wavy mineral layers and the average wood grain of the cherry floor provide a subtle touch that gives a clear, unobstructed and contemporary appearance to any space.

Indeed, the natural colors of the Cherry give it a unique charm. Cherry wood has a maple-like grain and a uniform texture, which is highly sought after in wood flooring.

With a hardness of 1,260 in the Janka test, cherry wood is an ideal choice for your new floor, due to its hardness and strength combined with very good bending qualities of the wood and good resistance to shocks.

Thus, the cherry floors bring a unique look to any décor.

If you don’t know what type of hardwood flooring is right for your home, consult our savvy flooring specialists to help you choose the wood that works best for you.