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With its fine, straight and narrow grain, the cherry wood flooring is not only something special and different, it is simply beautiful. If you want to put a touch of luxury in a space but don’t want to completely dominate the area, as some richer wooden floors allow, cherry floors are the ideal choice.

What is a cherry tree engineered floor?

The cherry floor is a beautiful flooring that will add richness and identity to your rooms. It has a naturally beautiful tone, but it also does well. The darker hues of cherry floors can subtly complement or give a pleasant contrast to many of your home’s decorating styles.

In Quebec, there are two types of cherry trees that are mainly used for floors. There is the white cherry also called ‘white birch’ and the yellow cherry, commonly known as the cherry tree. In Montreal, more than 70% of apartments and houses have cherry floors.

Red or salmon cherry wood often has pretty trails of darker stripes. The Brazilian cherry floor, especially, has a dark and rich red color. There is also the American cherry tree with medium-dense wood, a tight grain and a fine, uniform texture. Its color becomes darker with exposure to light and shows golden and reddish reflections.

Although cherry floors are slightly softer than maple or oak floors, they are still suitable for home. Brazilian cherry is considered a very resistant and durable flooring material. Cherry engineered floors generally have a smooth, polished surface, with fewer color variations, but they are economical and sumptuous for the eyes. If you are looking for a medium dark floor, consider the cherry engineered floor for its beauty and quality.

Solid hardwood flooring in cherry trees is difficult to install except by professionals, even engineered wood species that are available on the Quebec flooring market preferably require the intervention of a contractor, to install them properly and according to the standards.

Benefits of cherry engineered wood flooring

Cherry flooring, also known as yellow birch, is frequently used in wooden flooring. However, it is important to know that yellow birch is The Iconic Tree of Quebec. This wood has a creamy yellow aubier, while the heartwood is pale reddish brown with red highlights.

Yellow birch is a wood species that has a narrow, straight grain that gives it a relatively even texture. Cherry floors sometimes have a wavy or curly appearance. Even when exposed to intense light, cherry engineered wood flooring has the advantage of having minimal color variation. Moreover, to maintain the elegance of the wood for many years, it is advisable to apply a layer of UV protector to finish with.

More so, cherry floors are slightly softer than northern red oak floors, making birch harder than white oak. However, the cherry floorings can be difficult to color.

In an engineered wood floor, a thin, real wood veneer is applied to one layer (or several layers) of undeformable plywood material. These products are not only less expensive, but more environmentally responsible because they use less rainforest hardwood. Cherry-engineered wood floors are an ideal choice for a décor that inspires elegance.