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Grown in the forests of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America and French Guinea, this superb hardwood features dark browns with shades of burgundy. Absolutely gorgeous, the cherry engineered floor adds a touch of subtle style without overloading your space.
The most popular is the American cherry tree found in south-eastern North America and the eastern United States. This tree can reach an average height of 15 to 20 m.

What is a cherry engineered floor?

With two wood species, called “cherry”; American cherry and Brazilian cherry are very different species.

American cherry engineered floor
American cherry wood has a straight grain and a fine, even texture. Its contrasting colour ranges from creamy white to pinkish brown to dark red. The slats have marked color contrasts. You can also see a very pronounced change in colour on the cherry wood, turning towards a rich reddish brown.

This cherry wood is softer than North American red oak. However, with a scratch-resistant finish that reveals all the natural beauty of cherry wood, these cherry-engineered floors are resistant even outdoors. Although that American cherry wood is particularly soft, a fine cherry engineered floor sees its beauty little compromised by wear and time.

With rich colors, a certain maturity and an elegant air, cherry engineered hardwood floors can add a touch of luxury to any space. Choosing beautiful cherry engineered hardwood floors will be the best option for your home.

Brazilian cherry engineered floor
It should be noted that engineered wood floors are also offered in Brazilian cherry wood also known as Jatoba, this wood is renowned for its high hardness and extreme color variations. The patterns offered by Jatoba wood range from reddish brown and reddish blond to dark red. When used in hardwood floors, Brazilian cherry wood creates a unique mosaic.

Jatoba wood has a golden glow. Its texture varies from medium to coarse, with an intertwined grain. In its natural state, Jatoba has a very pronounced colour variation when exposed to intense light.

Although difficult to work, Jatoba wood accepts well the finishes, which is why it has become a popular choice for floor coverings. Although dyes are very limited on this type of floor, because of the red color of the Jatoba wood that always stands out through the dyes. Jatoba’s engineered wood floors charm you with an evocative look that leaves a lasting impression!

In an engineered wood floor, a thin, real wood veneer is applied to one layer (or several layers) of undeformable plywood material. The cherry engineered wood floor consists of a layer of cherry hardwood that is very stable and less likely to expand and contract due to changes in humidity and temperature. Cherry engineered hardwood floors are available in both solid and engineered wood, both adding warmth and character to your home.